Gridiron notes: Morning practice report

Girtman showcases talent in morning session.

The Cowboy freshmen, new junior college transfers, walkons, and selected redshirt freshmen finished up their work together with the final morning practice for the week. The group will now combine with the varsity starting with an afternoon practice on Friday. It will also be the first full pad practice.

The practice looked much like the other practices this week with inside drill, seven on seven, pro pass drill for the linemen, and a team period at the end. I did not attend the morning practice, but from observers was told the offense was still sluggish with the defense being more in control.

Standouts from the morning practice included freshmen defensive end Brad Girtman, who also showed he was in tip top shape as he was outrunning skill players at the end and yelling at his new teammates to run harder during the post practice sprints. Juco defensive tackle Efe Mowarin was dominant in the middle of the line, while Xavier Lawson-Kennedy, still not in shape, struggled getting off blocks. The standout offensive linemen were the two tackles with Adam Gourley and Corey Hilliard having a good practice.

For the second day in a row with mimited contact, transfer defensive end Darrell Franklin made a number of plays. Franklin, who has tranfered from Southern Nazarine, has been outstanding in the last two practices. Franklin has shown the ability to both pass rush and still be able to crash inside and make plays in the running game.

Speaking of the running game, that took up much of the play calls in the team period with the draw play getting a lot of work. There were only a couple of pass plays and those were deep throws. Again, Tommy Devereaux and Chijuan Mack were the receivers that made plays.

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