Chuba Hubbard's Coach Talks Speed And More

Chuba Hubbard's head coach Curtis Martin says Oklahoma State is getting an outstanding football player in the running back from Alberta, Canada.

Bev Facey head football coach Curtis Martin knew late last week that his star running back was committed to Oklahoma State and that he would announce it soon. In fact, it has been just a little more exciting this spring as coaches have made the school in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada a stop on the recruiting trail. That may slow down now, but Martin was excited that Chuba Hubbard had it figured out.

"I knew he wanted to surprise his mom on Mother's Day and her anniversary, and I know they had a great time," Martin said. "When it comes to a special event and food, mother Hubbard does it right when it comes to special events and food she goes all out."

Martin went on to say that Hubbard is one of his favorite players to have coached. It's not often that a young man rushes for 3,213 yards and 40 touchdowns in one season and averages around 20 yards a carry. He had 1,337 yards and 15 touchdowns on 111 carries as a sophomore. He is very special. 

"Fantastic, a dream kid and one of the hardest working kids we have ever had in our program," Martin said with enthusiasm. "I know he is looking forward to getting down to Oklahoma State and helping them win a Big 12 Championship."

Track season is underway now and Hubbard said he will be running in a meet on Tuesday. With a 10.55 seconds clocking in the 100 meters he can fly. Hubbard is one of the fastest young men in Canada, but his coach will tell you it is hard to tell which sports is first or that one is above the other when it comes to Hubbard.

"Speed, absolutely he is fast, and all the coaches that came in to recruit him were asking the question, is he a track guy that plays football or is he a football guy that runs track? I think with Chuba the answer is neither. He is a football player and he is a track athlete as well," Martin explained. "They wonder if he can run over the middle and between the tackles and whether he is soft. He is a football player and he is not soft. He is 6-1, 190 pounds and has vision and sees things ahead and he can exploit those."

High school football players play the same game in Canada that the CFL does on a bigger 110-yard field with bigger end zones, three downs to make a first down, and 12 players on the field. OSU will measure the transition with a Canadian high school in linebacker Amen Ogbongbemiga in the upcoming freshman class. So is Canadian football catching up some with high school football in the states? My answer is yes, and Martin seems to agree.

"Absolutely, Football Canada is spending a lot of money and manpower to make sure the sport grows and improves even at the lower levels," Martin pointed out. "We've had a real chance to see that. You know we saw Amen in competition in playing Notre Dame the last two years and he is a very good linebacker. Our players have improved with exposure in the International Bowl and with Team Canada playing in various events. It is getting better and we're seeing more and more players go down to play college football in America."

I've got news for you and that is that Hubbard is the real deal and he could have grown up anywhere and become a talented football player. He is more than legit as he could end up being a real standout and new commitments in Hubbard and J.D. King could make OSU known as "Tailback U." again. 

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