'Rapping' up the practice week

In a special edition of "Camp Cowboy," T. Boone Pickens was on hand as the Cowboy newcomers learned a little about the university tradition. One particular tradition Pickens wasn't aware of happened to be the 'free-style rap contest' that ensued between different position players. Word has it that Josh Fields could do back-up vocals for Eminem...

The Oklahoma State football team took a break from their rigorous practice schedule Sunday evening to partake in some fun and tradition.


The entire team made the short trip to Camp Redlands for their own condensed version of Camp Cowboy, a program set up to help orient incoming OSU freshmen.


"This is an annual event for where we can kick back and let our hair down," OSU coach Les Miles said.


And let it down they did.


After a dinner of hamburgers and potato salad, the team headed inside the lodge where the counselors went through the fight song and the alma mater.


But first, three of the counselors greeted them with a skit of three men sitting and drunkenly talking about Miles.


"Les Miles would eat a homeless man if you asked him to," said one of the characters. "Les Miles breast feeds Bob Stoops," said another.


They went on with story after story, and when the skit ended, Miles stepped to the stage and wiped the tears from his eyes, no doubt from a mix of laughter and embarrassment.


Later the team watched highlight films of their past season, and then the big show … the freestyle rap contest.


Four contestants volunteered: freshman wide receiver Tommy Devereaux, sophomore wide receiver D'juan Woods, sophomore wide receiver Kenneth Williams and quarterback Josh "Why you be dippin in my Koolaid when you don't even know the flava" Fields, as introduced.


Woods struggled with technical difficulties and couldn't seem to get in the flow, and Devereaux and Williams both brought loud laughs and cheers to the crowd.


But Fields brought down the house as he read his lyrics from a sheet of paper. He took a shot at every coach and some players as well.


He spouted classic lyrics such as "Coach Defo(rest) don't take my life, but I gotta know how you got your wife," and "Coach (Bill) Clay was born in 1903, the only person old as him is Gabe Lindsay."


Devereaux surged a comeback with a crack on the Woods brothers' cars that left everyone rolling, but Fields took the bragging rights to the house.


After the excitement died down, the team crossed over to the pavilion for a speech from the $70 million man, T. Boone Pickens.

Pickens, longtime donor and graduate of OSU, kept the lighthearted atmosphere by declaring he might try to play for the Cowboys next year.


"Believe it or not, I'm in condition, and I'm ready to play," Pickens said.


Keeping his speech short and sweet, Pickens told the team they were entering a new era, and many wins would follow.


He ended by telling them the story behind the saying "Win one for the Gipper," and left them with the thought, "Win one for Boone."


After Boone finished, the activities shifted to hilarity once again as junior offensive lineman Sam Mayes seemingly won a mock watermelon eating contest.


The contest was done to the tune of "Dueling Banjos," and to finish the duel, Mayes dumped his canoe of watermelon juice on his opponents head.


His opponent responded by trying to jokingly toss his shell at Mayes, but to no avail.


Concluding their evening, the team heard the history of Pistol Pete from one of this year's mascots, and sang the alma mater one last time before boarding the bus and returning to campus.

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