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'Oologah Kid' Talks Commitment, Wrestling

Brock Martin, a 6-4, 220-pound two-sport standout at Oologah High School, talks about his recent commitment to Oklahoma State.

The latest commitment for the Oklahoma State Cowboys in Oologah High School defensive end Brock Martin calls himself an "Oologah kid."

"I moved here from Texas (Fort Worth) when I was five and I've been about Oologah and playing football and wrestling," Martin said when asked to describe himself. "That's what we do in Oologah, that and hunt and fish. That is who I am."

It kind of reminds you of that song from the group Little Big Town, the song Boondocks. You know though, Oologah isn't the boondocks. It's a pretty solid Oklahoma community that has made plenty of history especially in high school athletics.

Martin described his experience on a trip to Stillwater and the Oklahoma State campus and how it was so impressive that he made his commitment to the Cowboys.

"Pretty much I chose Oklahoma State because I walked on campus and met up with coach (Joe Bob) Clements and had a 30-minute talk with coach (Mike) Gundy and after that talk I pretty much knew that I wanted to commit right then and there, so I toured campus and found out everything about it and everything felt right and pretty much God just told me this is the place," described Martin.

Last season Martin missed the first nine games because of an ACL injury but he came back and still registered 96 tackles and 17 sacks on a tear through the end of the regular season and the playoffs. He has faced adversity and admits he even pressed a little to get back.

In fact, his story is pretty incredible when it comes to rehab from that type of knee injury.

"Well, it was four months," Martin said in the length of his rehab which is amazing. "I got into physical therapy and the first thing the guy asked me or I asked him, 'when is the first time I can get back on the field?' He said, 'four to five months,' and I said that was when I need to be back. He said, I'll be in the office four or five times a week (meaning you need to be up there too). I broke a few rules that maybe I wasn't supposed to do in that time but I did them anyway and I think it really helped out a lot."

What really helped is Martin is 6-4, 220 pounds and in excellent shape because of his other sport wrestling. He is a two-time Class 4A state champion at 220 pounds and he knows there is no doubt that wrestling carries over to his success on the football field. 

"For sure, mental toughness is a major key that wrestling gives you and helps you in football," Martin started explaining. "Balance and the speed off the ball and leverage and using that against your opponent. Pushing hard you dip and weave and stuff like that. Using their momentum against them."

In being interviewed Martin is every bit the wrestler as his answers come straight at you. He is easy to understand. 

"I'm just a small town kid trying to make it big," he added.

He'll have a good chance to do that at Oklahoma State with his work ethic, toughness, and it won't just be in football. His plans academically are to major in business finance. I have a feeling he'll get the job done there as well. The Cowboys 11th commitment in the 2017 football recruiting class strikes me as that kind of guy that gets the job done all the time. 

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