Where Will Oklahoma State Play In The Future?

Mike Gundy, Mike Holder and Burns Hargis are all in agreement, Oklahoma State's value to the Big 12 Conference speaks for itself.

On Wednesday night, Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy was addressing a group of sponsors of the Cowboy Radio Network and Cowboy Sports Properties (division of Learfield) at a summer sponsor's gathering. The head coach discussed the upcoming season and he also addressed the Big 12, saying he was going to not comment as much on conference issues and that he was in full support of the Big 12 and wants the Big 12 to be around for the future. 

"We want to support the Big 12 and we want to do the things that will help keep the Big 12 around, but we also have to look out for Oklahoma State," Gundy said. "We have to do the things we have to in order to make Oklahoma State the best it can be and look out for ourselves."

There has been all kinds of speculation as to whether the Big 12 will expand? Will there be a third tier conference television network? Would it be at the expense of the Longhorn Network? And will there be a conference championship football game?

The Big 12 meetings answered those questions. Expansion is tabled for now, but still something the outside consultants will continue to research. The network is not possible as cable sports companies are bleeding money and not looking for new start-up networks. The delivery of signals and programming is changing as internet streaming is becoming more popular. As for a championship game, the Big 12 Board of Directors voted unanimously to begin playing the game again in 2017. 

Gundy feels good about the Big 12, but he feels really good about Oklahoma State, and promised the crowd that the Cowboys and their athletic department was positioned to always remain at the top of whatever the top is, the Power Five, a future collection of super conferences, the Big 12, or possibly some day another conference. He said Oklahoma State will be in the upper echelon. 

We found out that OSU President Burns Hargis agrees with Gundy, and athletic director Mike Holder gave Hargis a great indicator of why. OSU is a highly valued athletic department.

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