Waltons Get To Experience CWS Together

Senior shortstop Donnie Walton and his dad, pitching coach Rob Walton, are looking forward to Oklahoma State's trip to the College World Series.

Oklahoma State pitching coach Rob Walton would often tell stories of his college playing day at Oklahoma State under legendary head coach Gary Ward and pitching coach and future Oklahoma State Baseball Hall of Famer Tom Holliday. He would tell those stories, especially the ones about his four trips to the College World Series, because his son, Donnie, wanted to hear them.

I'm going to guess that now Oklahoma State senior shortstop Donnie Walton has played in Omaha so many times in his dreams that he likely thinks he has played there for real. 

The truth is that this Sunday on Father's Day, Rob and Donnie Walton will celebrate in Omaha. They hope to be practicing following a win over UC-Santa Barbara and preparing for their winner's bracket game on Monday. 

Both Rob Walton and Donnie, who calls his dad "Pops" but substituted a "Rob" in this comment, talked about going to Omaha together on the same team. 

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