Phil Steele On The 2016 OSU Cowboys

Phil Steele shares his thoughts on what he sees from the Oklahoma State Cowboys this fall.

Phil Steele's expansive and highly informative College Football Preview magazine will be out here in about a week. However, we had a chance to talk with Steele on the radio the other day and have already brought some of his comments to you. What we haven't delivered until now are Steele's thoughts on the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

We know that he bumped Baylor down in his magazine and had the chance to do so because his publication has a later deadline and print date than most of the preseason college football magazines. It always has, as Steele has to wait until at least after each school has finished their spring football in order to finish up his preview on each team.

Steele actually called me back in April – about a week after spring football wrapped up in Stillwater – to get a lowdown on the Cowboys. My guess is that he keeps contacts like me at many of the top schools and uses those sources to come up with the thorough outlook that he does on the entire landscape of college football. 

I won't spoil it but Steele was higher on TCU than the Cowboys and has Oklahoma, as do I, favored to win the Big 12. His biggest concern with the Cowboys is, like most of us, offensive line improvement and the ability the Cowboys will have to run the football.

He is also curious about the defense based on the way the season ended, but he has a positive outlook to his curiosity. Steele hasn't told me his Big 12 predictions exactly, but just like Phil Steele tries to pick the Preseason AP Top 25, I will take my shot at Steele's picks for the Big 12 and will also share my actual picks. 

My Guess at Phil Steele's Picks

1, Oklahoma

2, TCU

3, Oklahoma State

4, Baylor

5, Texas

6, West Virginia

7, Texas Tech

8, Kansas State

9, Iowa State

10, Kansas

My Big 12 Picks

1, Oklahoma

2, Oklahoma State

3, TCU

4, West Virginia

5, Texas Tech

6, Baylor

7, Texas

8, Kansas State

9, Iowa State

10, Kansas

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