Utropolis Now Has His Own Shirt

David Petrino and Jacob Chappell, the caretakers of Utropolis, the lucky Tyrannosaurus Rex that has become a part of Oklahoma State's postseason run.

The two Cowboy infielders that found Utropolis in the streets of downtown Oklahoma City and have since become his caretakers and have harnessed his energies to helping the NCAA postseason run and College World Series run that Oklahoma State is on would be proud to know that the "lucky" Tyrannosaurus Rex has his own t-shirt.

Chris' University Spirit on Campus Corner in Stillwater has a new shirt proclaiming that "Utropolis is My Homeboy." OSU reserve infielders David Petrino and Jacob Chappell have made Utropolis into a famous and popular figure that has been featured in newspaper stories in The Oklahoman, The Omaha World, Stillwater News-Press, and on ESPN. 

Let's be honest, baseball players are routinely the most superstitious of all athletes and they can be a little crazy at times. It seems every team in Omaha has their idiosyncrasies and they make them work in the dugout and in the clubhouse. The ones that play the best and work the mixture of relaxed and even goofy with focus and intensity when it is time are the ones that are still around. 

Utropolis doesn't pitch, defend or hit. He doesn't coach or even tape ankles or ice down arms and sore muscles. I'm pretty sure he couldn't find his way to TD Ameritrade Park without the help of Petrino and Chappell, but if even one Cowboy believes or gets some relaxation out of the comical relief of having Utropolis around then he's worth his weight or much more in plastic.

One thing is for sure, it is really nice of Petrino and Chappell to take turns letting Utropolis sleep in their bed at night while they take the couch. 

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