Diary of a Recruit: Bobby Reid

The media frenzy has died since he made his verbal commit to Oklahoma State, and now Reid is concentrating on his high school season. However, maybe Cowboy fans won't have to wait as long as they think to see the highly touted QB on the practice fields in Stillwater...

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I am getting more excited about this whole thing now. I mean, I think that last week it all hadn't hit me yet. All the hype has died down after I made it public that I was committing to OSU, which is good. I can finally have time to think and do things without having this burden of what school to chose and everything. It feels great to be able to know what my future holds for certain and know that others know it too. It is funny that so many people in Oklahoma were all into the whole thing and it was on the news and everything. No one at my school really knew about my decision when I made it, it wasn't like that here. But, after I wore Oklahoma State shirts like every day, I think almost everyone caught on. I have been wearing something OSU almost ever since I called Coach DeForest and told him my plan! I have been trying to find my mama a jersey, but they don't have them here. I am afraid if I get my dad one, he is so pumped up about this, he will go out and get the shoulder pads and helmet to match, that might be a little embarrassing. But, he is having fun with this, he is a pretty proud dad right now.


So, the relief is great, because now I can concentrate on my high school season more. Two-a-days have already started, and I have to be there at 6 a.m., so I am getting a lot of rest during the day. When you get up that early, daytime naps are where it's at. We aren't hitting in practice yet, but I really don't have to worry about that anyway. Except a lot of times guys go for me anyway and the coaches get on them. It is funny because they are always saying, "Coach, if you don't want me to hit him, then why do you make him wear a green jersey? Green means ‘GO!'"


Actual classes start next week and that is good because it means that the season is closer. I only have two classes in the mornings and then the rest of my day, until practice, is free. My mama told me when I was a freshman that I needed to get all of my hard classes out of the way first when I was a freshman and sophomore so my last two years would be a walk in the park. I listened to her, and it was the best advice I have ever gotten. Last semester I only had three classes and this semester I just have two, so I am pretty happy about how easy it is going to be. Summer school helped to. It has put me in a position to make some good decisions about my future.


Some people go about things like, "Well, I know that I have a future in football, I know where I am going, and I know that I can contend for playing time, so I don't need to worry about this last high school season since I already made my verbal." I am not like that. That is a waste of time and a waste of talent, too. If you are gonna think like that, then you shouldn't even be playing, you know? I owe it to my school now to go out and try to win a championship, and I am not going to slack off because my college dream is now coming true.


It is all happening pretty fast, my mama was pretty happy I made the decision already. She has been taking a lot of quiet time off to herself now, which she deserves. She was like right in there with me, making sure that I wasn't being taken advantage of and giving me the best advice anyone could ever give. It wore her out, so she is kinda taking it easy now, she keeps telling me how glad she is that everything is quiet around here now.


So, yeah, I guess from what I said earlier about summer school and having only two classes left,  you probably can guess that I will be coming to Stillwater in January and enrolling early. I plan on being there for spring practices and I am going to stay for the summers, too. I want to work hard and compete for a job. I am taking my actual "official visit" during the OSU-Kansas State game, and I will be there for the Texas game as well. I am bringing some of my teammates and we are going to watch the game and hang out. I am pretty excited about that. I don't know really anyone on the team yet except Ricky (Coxeff) and (Brad) Girtman. Brad came over and chilled with us a lot during the camp, so I got to know him a little. It will be good for me to go up and meet some people. Coach DeForest is crazy. He is all excited about getting me up there and everything. I have been calling him at least once a week just to talk and let him know how things are going with me. I really like him, I feel like I can say anything to him and he is sincere and funny, and he tries to help and advise me. I like it that I will be on a team that has that kind of leadership.


So, yeah, in January I will pack up and move and get started. My mama is like, "I won't ever see you again," and I am not gonna even deny that I am a mama's boy. Everybody knows that, it will be hard, but I know that if anything ever goes wrong, my mama is driving up to Stillwater to help me out. That is what has made this all easier, all this attention, because she is there to keep me grounded and teach me about life and prepare me for it.


First high school game is Sept. 5, so I am ready. I'll talk more about the college stuff when it gets closer.  Right now, I need to go help my team win a championship…



Come back for more from Bobby next week! Two-a-days get more intense, and it is the road to a Texas State Championship for OSU's prize commit!

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Robert Reid 6-3, 220
North Shore (Houston, Texas)

Yet another talented Texan signal caller in what has to be one of the best years for quarterbacks the state has ever produced. With three of our top six and a few others from the state that still have a solid shot at making the EA SPORTS Elite 11, Texas is definitely the place to be when looking for a standout quarterback. Reid is big-time athlete with a great arm and a huge upside He reminds us a lot of Donovan McNabb athletically at the same stage.

As a junior, Reid threw for 1,485 yards and 13 touchdowns while also rushing for 776 yards and 16 more scores. He shows up very well on film boasting a strong arm, great escape-ability and can really run. He has clocked a 10.7 in the 100m and ran a 4.46 in the 40 while jumping 35 inches in the vertical at the Nike Camp in College Station (Texas).

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