Washington Going From Shy To Celebrity

James Washington played at Stamford High School, a Class A school in west Texas, and was never interviewed. But after a breakout sophomore season and expectations for bigger and better things entering the 2016 season, the Oklahoma State receiver is getting more comfortable in visiting with the media.

Quiet no more, James Washington has done interviews but getting any extra words out of him was just as hard as it is to cover him on a go route down the sidelines. Ask any corner in the Big 12, and especially the corners at TCU, just how hard that is. Washington and Mason Rudolph are magic together especially on deep routes.

Washington led all receivers nationally in Division I with four 70-plus-yard receptions and he was fifth in the Division I statistics with an average of 20.5-yards per catch.

Washington is now better at interviews. At Big 12 Media Days in Dallas several of my reporter friends including Erin Hartigan from Fox Sports Southwest and Annabel Stephan of the Big 12 said Washington was entertaining and talkative – a really good interview.

Washington told me that it is from practice and that he has done enough of those by now to be good. Does he enjoy doing them? “I wouldn’t go that far,” he said.

He can expect to do more because the nation is finding out just how good he is. The 6-0, 212-pound Washington plays like he is 6-3. He is very explosive!

A lot of those skills come from working really hard. Washington is a small town, farm kid. He knows work ethic and he knows what it leads to. The next time he breaks off another 70-yard plus touchdown then Cowboys fans can not only thank Washington but also thank James and Chrysta Washington in Stamford, Texas. James’ mom and dad had a lot to do with that desire to work hard and get it right. 

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