It Ain't No Picnic Being On The Pom Squad

Robert Allen visits with Oklahoma State pom squad members Madysson Morris and Julia Benbrook at Big 12 Media Days.

The last several years the Big 12 Conference has invited spirit groups to the Big 12 Football Media Days in Dallas. It has actually been four years and I can tell you not as a victim but as a witness it has caused some whiplash and some eye staring inflictions at the event. To set this up several media members may be walking one direction and several pom squad or cheerleaders going the opposite. You get it. 

All the mascots are there including the popular West Virginia Mountaineer and Pistol Pete. Oklahoma State has always sent a pair of pom squad members. For the second year in a row, Julia Benbrook of Woodward, Okla., represented OSU and she was joined this year by fellow senior Pom member Madysson Morris of Ada, Okla. That kind of sounds like a law firm, Benbrook and Morris. 

The Oklahoma State Pom squad has a strong reputation throughout the conference. I'm sure that more than a few times each game there are fans that catch themselves missing an important play because they are watching the poms. Past members of the OSU pom squad have gone on to dance for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Memphis Grizzlies, Tennessee Titans, and St. Louis Rams dance squads.

The two most decorated dance squads in the Big 12 are the Oklahoma State poms and the TCU Showgirls. In fact, a former Showgirl and Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Jordan Daigle said she always had a lot of respect for the Oklahoma State pom squad.

We spoke with Benbrook and Morris about Big 12 spirit rivalries and all the work that goes into being on a spirit squad.

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