Tech's Justis Nelson Hopes To Be A Solution

Texas Tech cornerback Justis Nelson is hoping to lead the Red Raiders to a winning season on the football field but just as important he's also hoping to make a difference off the field.

Blood shed in Dallas and blood shed in Louisiana. In Dallas, police officers shot by a sniper from a perch high above the streets of downtown. Texas Tech cornerback Justis Nelson's mother, Sherryl Scott, used to patrol and supervise those that patrolled those Dallas streets as an assistant police chief in Dallas. In Louisiana, both innocent civilians and police officers gunned down violently in Baton Rouge. It was up north in Shreveport where Nelson's father Marshall was a police sargent.

Nelson has done a very good job of patrolling the secondary for the Red Raiders. In three seasons, he has 99 total tackles, 76 unassisted, 3.5 tackles for loss, two fumbles recovered, and three interceptions including a spectacular pick in the end zone in the 2013 Holiday Bowl as Texas Tech upset 14th-ranked Arizona State 37-23.

Nelson has done an even better job in the classroom. He's a two-time All-Big 12 All-Academic selection and has already collected his degree in public administration and is working on a master's degree in the same area. His goal is to get into law enforcement and do it at a level where he can make a difference.

Nelson talks of using his football notoriety to focus attention on the problems between people of different races and potentially with law enforcement. He understands that the problems that may have been seeded in the past need to be weeded out and fresh relations cultivated by his generation. As a son of two police officers and a young African-American athlete he can see the tension, the issues, and the frustration from both sides and understand how it can be improved and, hopefully, some day even eliminated.

Nelson needs to be a force for Texas Tech this upcoming season, a team that desperately needs to be better on defense. He also needs to be a force for our future in America because without clear thinkers and doers like Nelson then our future in the country could be really violent and dangerous. The hate needs to stop and Justis Nelson understands that from both sides.

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