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With Oklahoma State beginning fall practice this week, there's no better time to subscribe to Go Pokes to get the best coverage of the Cowboys.

Hey Cowboy fans,

When we started Go Pokes, way back in 1997 during the Bob Simmons tenure as head coach, our goal was to bring Oklahoma State fans the coverage they deserve, to bring them as much inside knowledge as possible about their teams.

In 1997, basketball Hall of Fame coach Eddie Sutton was in his hey day, but our detractors told us that our then magazine would never work. Only rival OU was popular enough to have its own magazine and OU fans so badly outnumbered Cowboy fans that they said we would go under in a year or two like every other Cowboys sports magazine venture before us. Remember the Railhead, an early magazine that covered OSU athletics.

We proved them wrong and we've been around as a magazine, then a magazine and a website, and now a website featuring written stories, lots of video, and original photography. We set out to create the absolute top source for Oklahoma State Cowboy fans for news on football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, recruiting, and more. Despite competition we are still here.

Recently, Scout has empowered its publishers more than ever, taking our suggestions and running with them. Terry Tush and I have asked for a better format to chat. Remember those, we do and we know you loved them. We're fighting to get a great chat format for you. We also have changed the platform so each story no longer has to have a video with it. That allows us to get you news and feature stories faster, but we will still give you video too. Less of our faces and more of Mike Gundy, athletes, Brad Underwood, and recruits.

We are taking your suggestions and pushing them. We added Anna-Marie Ahrberg last year and now we have Austyn Iven. We just recently added former Oklahoma State player Deion Imade as a contributor. We have our own photographer on game days in Pat Kinnison.

Feel free to get in touch with Terry or myself and let us know how we can make you happier.

Now all we're asking is that you keep subscribing. We would love for you to come back to us if your subscription has lapsed, We would love if you would recommend us to your friends that are Oklahoma State fans. I've learned in this business that with the more subscribers, the more you can do. The more resources you get. We're under contract and we don't get paid by commission. Honestly, I don't worry about the check. I need it, but I really enjoy this and all of us here enjoy doing stories, videos, breaking news that we know you enjoy.

Help us build Go Pokes and into the best site on the Scout Network.


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