No Ogbah, No Bean, But Still No Worries

A trio of players who arrived at Oklahoma State at the same time three years ago – redshirt sophomores Jordan Brailford, Jarrell Owens and Cole Walterscheid – are being counted on to get the job done at defensive end.

Redshirt sophomore defensive ends Jordan Brailford, Jarrell Owens and Cole Walterscheid all arrived at Oklahoma State together. Brailford from Tulsa and Booker T. Washington, and Owens and Walterscheid from Texas. Owens is from Palestine and Walterscheid from tiny Muenster.

The other day I asked Brailford and Owens about the relationship the three have, especially now that the trio along with junior college transfer Tralund Webber seemed to be charged with occupying the two-deep at defensive end for the Cowboys this season with Emmanuel Ogbah in the NFL as the first pick in the second round of the NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns and Jimmy Bean, who after rehabbing his knee from an ACL surgery, should make the league as well. 

"We're close, we go hang out at each other's houses and we go eat together," Owens said. "You know since we all came in at the same time we are close."

"We're like brothers," Brailford said. "We all learned from Emmanuel and Jimmy, but we've also worked with and helped each other. It is a lot like family for us."

Owens came to Stillwater the most imposing and physical looking of the trio. He is 6-3 and 270 pounds now after arriving at 6-3, 240 two years ago. That is impressive and Rob Glass, the Cowboys exceptional strength and conditioning supervisor, feels that Owens could be really special before he is done. Remember, he and the other two are all sophomores.

Brailford arrived 6-4, 209 and Walterscheid was 6-6, 210 pounds. Now, Brailford is 6-4, 250 pounds and Walterscheid is 6-5, 254 pounds (I know, maybe that lost inch was due to recruiting hype).

"Victor (Salako), Mike Wilson, (Brad) Lundblade, and Vincent Taylor all look really good. Even (Ashton Lampkin) … really looks good," Gundy said the other day forgetting how good the defensive ends look but fully recognizing the value of Rob Glass. "We have a lot of confidence in Coach (Rob) Glass. In my opinion, he's the best in the country, and that's why those guys look the way they do every day." 

Glass is a reason that the defensive ends will hold up in my opinion despite losing two excellent starters from a year ago. 

"I think we will play well," Owens said. "I have confidence and we played some last year and all of us made plays, so it's not like we haven't done this."

"We learned a lot from Emmanuel and from Jimmy," Brailford said. "I think it is our time and we are all ready to help this defense. I know we have a lot of leadership and I think we have a lot of good players."

Now there is no doubt that Owens may be the most imposing looking of the three. He is the thickest and with big biceps. Owens is also the best hog hunter on the squad. He goes hunting those nasty feral hogs with a knife.

The question is which teammate would he be most comfortable taking with him on a hog hunt? "Jordan is the city guy and I know Cole Walterscheid is a hunter," Owens said. "He surprised me one time when he asked if I wanted to go bear hunting. I think I'd take Cole hog hunting first."

Yes, but hunting for Chippewas, Panthers, Bears, Longhorns, and Jayhawks in the Big 12, either one of his brothers will do.

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