Gundy, Cowboys Enjoy Meeting Fans

Mike Gundy and the Oklahoma State Cowboys didn't practice Saturday, but they did spend several hours with Cowboys fans during Fan Appreciation Day and then addressed the media.

Mike Gundy and the Oklahoma State Cowboys took a day away from practicing Saturday but they didn’t take the day off – spending two hours signing autographs and taking photos on Fan Appreciation Day and then participating in 2016 Cowboys Media Day.

Gundy said he is pleased with where his team is after the first week of practice.

“We’ve had a few practices, as you guys are aware,” Gundy said. “Everybody’s attitude is good. We’ve had some young guys that have shown up, and they’ll be able to help us some this year. Other than that, Mason (Rudolph) has done really well. Victor (Salako), Chad (Whitener), (Jordan) Sterns, (Ashton) Lampkin and those guys have shown up; the guys that you would think should make some plays.

“We’ll go back at it tomorrow. We’re looking forward to getting into pads pretty soon and finding out where we’re at as a team, but up to this point everything’s going really well. Just enjoying watching guys progress.”

Gundy is entering his 12th season as head coach of the Cowboys and talked about how Fan Appreciation Day has grown on him over the years.

“It's a lot of fun,” he said. “You know it is long, it's two hours or a little over two hours of signing, bt once you get to it and you see the people so many families that come back each year and their kids are growing on up and they'll show you pictures that you took with them when I had to hold them on my leg and now they're as tall as I am that makes it a neat day.

“Oklahoma State has always been special that way with our group that has been loyal to us. It makes me proud when the parents and the other families of people that have little ones here come and say how terrific our team is talking to them and engaging with them, not sitting there like a bump on a wall.

“You know we’re in the business here trying to develop young men to prepare them to be successful and contribute to society in a positive way, and that's part of it. They need to learn to work with other people and look people in the eye and shake hands and so forth and so we all need to do that and extend ourselves to people that come and watch us play. You know they're the ones that show up and they're at these games 10 degrees or a 110 degrees out here they're yelling for us and that's why it's important.”

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