Scrimmage Completed, Focus On Opener Next

Oklahoma State's second scrimmage of fall camp lasted about 100 plays on Friday, and now the Cowboys begin focusing on their season opener against Southeastern Louisiana.

STILLWATER – Mike Gundy wanted one more major scrimmage for his team and he got it on Friday afternoon as the team went through close to 100 plays in a scrimmage that lasted close to an hour and a half with a slightly late arriving officiating crew. There were four officials there for the start and then about 10 minutes later here came the rest of the officials as they were on a flight that was delayed. 

It's a good thing they arrived because Gundy, special teams coordinator Steve Hauser, and the entire staff learned that late game "hurry up" field goals would need to change slightly. Officials are going to penalize teams for any players that are not off the field before the ball is snapped. They are also not going to hold out their arms to allow the defense to substitute even when the offense brings on a field goal unit.

The officials informed Gundy after the scrimmage, as the Cowboys head coach sought clarification, that they don't want the fans in the stands or on television seeing an official with his arms held out, signaling that he is allowing time for the defense to match up, while the game clock runs out of time. In other words, the offense can snap it when they are lined up and ready, but they have to be sure that the offensive players leaving the field are off. The same goes for the defensive team, which may be best served by defending the field goal with the players that are out there on defense. 

It's a good thing to learn before the start of the season. Remember, a penalty there can end the game with the 10 second run-off rule.

As for the scrimmage, there is very little we can report as Gundy did not talk to even the athletic media relations staff afterwards, and there is no story being published even from athletic media relations or Cowboy Football. 

Three quarterbacks played well – Mason Rudolph, Taylor Cornelius and Keondre Wudtee, who got several series. John Kolar also played and had a nice completion. Jhajuan Seales had a good day at receiver.

The first team offense did drive down for a field goal on the first possession and offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich had said on Thursday he wanted a score on the first possession. My bet is he was thinking touchdown and not field goal.

Overall, the defense had a good day, but as Gundy has said it is always harder on the defense as they are told not to take offensive players to the ground. 

Probably the best aspect of the scrimmage was that the Cowboys appeared to get through it without any major injuries. The team will have a walk through/light practice on Saturday, practice on Sunday, and then take Monday as a day off. 

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