Presidential Politics In Cowboys Program

Zach Crabtree was one of the Cowboys mentioned several times when his teammates were asked during an informal poll, "Which teammate do you think has the best change of one day being President of the United States?"

I hope you have enjoyed the Go Pokes project from Oklahoma State Football Media Day where we ask seven questions to a bunch of the Cowboy football players. I particularly enjoyed finding out who players really respect on the team and the range was great with defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer being mentioned, quarterback Mason Rudolph, receiver James Washington, safety Jordan Sterns, and several others. 

I also liked the question as to which other four teammates would everybody prefer to have with them for a pick-up basketball game. The answers varied from an all-lineman team to a five-guard line-up (as in five guard-type players). Personally, I would take a healthy Marcell Ateman, James Washington, Taylor Cornelius, Cole Walterscheid, and Derrick Moncrief (he played in high school and the name makes me feel confident). I picked five because I'm going to coach. 

Now, if I had an extra post on my team I would pick 6-7 offensive tackle Zach Crabtree. He played at Mansfield High School in Texas, but he was also one of two most popular answers by his teammates as to which Cowboy was most likely to become President of the United States. Crabtree and center Brad Lundblade were carrying the votes in the informal poll. One could say that a nationally launched campaign might garner support across the country, but we'll leave the actual candidates for this November out of it and confine this to Crabtree for now.

We spoke to him about it last week when players were available to the media and when he heard he was in the running (with his teammates) he embraced being a candidate. Check out the video. 

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