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The Best Way To Use The Gundy App

Mike Gundy isn't surprised at the success of the new Coach Gundy app that hit the market last week.

On his weekly radio show on Tuesday night Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy talked about the best ways to use the new Coach Gundy app available on Android and iPhone. By the way, the app has now had 11,000 downloads and almost 30 percent of the visits to the app are repeat visits and not simple first time users that just downloaded the app. 

Gundy also talked some football as well. Here are some excerpts from last night's show on the Cowboy Radio Network from Learfield.

On if he's surprised about how his new app has taken off:
"Not really, just from the way the world is with social media, young people and how they get their information. It's been very interesting. We came up with the idea in about April, and we talked about getting it on the market in June. We wanted to do it as quick as possible, and also make it to where it's very fan friendly. We wanted to give them an opportunity to send information to us, and us provide them with up-to-date news, videos and such.

"We're expecting it to continue to grow. We'll get ideas from other people that look at it. It's for the fans and also the potential student-athletes and recruits. It's like anything else, so by the time you get it through iTunes and Android and all the red tape you've got to go through, it took longer than we expected, but we were able to get it out and be the first ones to do it. I don't think anybody who is a head coach has an app at this time. Chris Deal, the people that work with our graphics, Kevin Klintworth and all the guys in media relations that played a part in this, with Chris leading the way, did a great job.

"It will continue to grow because you can get instant information. That's what millennials and these kids now want. They want to be able to punch a button and get information. They don't want to wait. We're looking forward to it. We have a photo place on there where people can send photos in to us during their game day experience, tailgating and such, and we can put it on there. It should be very fan friendly and easy to get to us, so we can share it with everybody else who loves Oklahoma State football."

On if he expects to be coaching as long as Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder:
"He's actually 73 or 74 now. I don't know if I could pull it off. That's a long time for me. I'm very happy with our situation here, and I feel good. I'm very fortunate that I have my health. As long as I'm excited about Oklahoma State football when I get up and go to work, and so excited that it's hard to go to sleep at night, I'll stay with it."

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