Scouting Report: OSU-Southeastern Louisiana

What should Oklahoma State expect from Southeastern Louisiana and head coach Ron Roberts in Saturday's season opener? Plenty of triple option, says Robert Allen.

Obviously, there is not a lot of option, especially triple option, going on in the Big 12 Conference. In the league with spread-'em, rush-to-the-line-to-run-plays, wide-open-pass-it-all-over-the-field offenses, the defensive discipline of lining up and having a defender take the inside mesh or dive, another defender take the quarterback keep, and yet another defender on the pitch man is not worked on a lot.

Oh, back in the day of wishbone formations and veer offenses there was plenty of it. During fall camp at Oklahoma State, defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer and his staff have been all over assignment football and defending the triple option. 

Southeastern Louisiana has almost always been a run-first team on offense, but now that head coach Ron Roberts has hired Matt Barrett to come in and coordinate his offense after last season's 4-7 campaign, you can expect more than run first. You are likely to see run first, run second, and run third. Maybe, if the defense can rack up a couple of negative plays they might throw it once in awhile.

Last season the Lions ran the ball 476 times and threw it 135 times. That may be even more in favor of the run this year. Senior and ULL transfer D'Shaie Landor is the quarterback and the 6-1, 195-pounder has a good arm but he is even faster with his feet. Miami (Northwestern), Fla. senior Rasheed Harrell is also pretty quick and a weapon to respect in this offense. 

It is the triple option out of the spread, which means they can run the option several ways, two backs in the backfield, one for the dive and another as a pitch man; one back in the backfield with a trailing receiver usually in a slot position, and they can adjust the option to use a hand-off, quarterback keep and make the third option a short pass converting the scheme to an RPO-run/pass option. 

There is a lot to digest and Spencer, his defensive assistants, and the Oklahoma State players have spent a lot of time on it. 

Honestly, with the power and strength on the Cowboys defensive line, especially at the tackle position, and the experience at linebacker, safety, and corners along with the athleticism, I really feel that this offense, while it won't be seen much, if at all, the rest of the season is a good match-up for Oklahoma State.

Next week, Central Michigan is a more balanced and traditional run-style offense, and the last nonconference game with Pitt will see a Panther offense that runs the ball like an SEC team with powers as the primary run play. Then, of course, it is on to the Big 12 and wide open, throw it down the field spread. 

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