Chris' University Spirit Celebrates No. 30

Mike Gundy, Brad Underwood and other Oklahoma State coaches helped Chris' University Spirit celebrate its 30th anniversary.

STILLWATER – Chris' University Spirit has been a great sponsor of Go Pokes, both the magazine and now the website over the years. Yes, years, and now today was the 30th anniversary of the store up on Campus Corner where so many Oklahoma State fans and coaches have gone to get their orange.

Today, the Voice of the Cowboys Dave Hunziker, the voice of Gallagher-Iba and Boone Pickens Stadium Larry Reece, head football coach Mike Gundy, head basketball coach Brad Underwood, soccer coach Colin Carmichael, baseball coach Josh Holliday, and women's basketball coach Jim Littell all were on hand to wish Chris Norris and his staff congratulations on the milestone. 

"It's not lost on me that at Ohio State or Alabama something like this doesn't happen," Norris said. "You can't get those coaches to all do this. These guys did this on their own and they weren't obligated to be here. This place is special, Oklahoma State."

Pistol Pete and Bullet were there during the afternoon. It was a very festive day and Chris' University Spirit is one of the largest and most successful independent college stores or retailers in the country. Chris' and his staff have had a big role in that but so has Oklahoma State, its success in athletics, and the spirit of the fans. 

Chris told us that former athletic director Terry Don Phillips had a big impact with the decree for fans to wear orange, even when orange was hard to get. Chris found a way to get it and Oklahoma State fans made sure to wear it. Oklahoma State and Chris' University Spirit really go together. 

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