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MAC, Big 12 Officials Suspended For Two Games

The Mid-American Conference officiating crew and the Big 12 replay official and his crew will both be suspended for two games after allowing an untimed down which resulted in Central Michigan's 30-27 victory over Oklahoma State.

The eight officials from the Mid-American Conference and the replay official crew from the Big 12 that either misinterpreted rules, misapplied rules, or allowed those situations to go on during Oklahoma State's game against Central Michigan have been suspended for two games. That was the announcement from the Mid-American Conference and the Big 12 Conference.

The eight-member MAC officiating crew incorrectly interpreted that a penalty called for intentional grounding by Oklahoma State at the end of the game meant that Central Michigan was to receive one untimed down. But the officials failed to realize the rule states that if loss of down is a result of the penalty then the game is not extended and ends right there, so they misapplied the rule.

The Big 12 replay official and his crew could have called down and advised the crew of the mistake, but they failed to do so.

The eight man MAC crew was referee Tim O'Dey, umpire Brett Denker, linesman Paul Beyerle, line judge Mark Bennett, back judge Jeff Pasold, field judge Kyle DeBuse, side judge Richard Ames, and center judge Kerry Ripley.

The Big 12 replay official was not identified. Those officials used to be identified in the box score, but that was discontinued last season.

“After a thorough review and evaluation of the entire Central Michigan at Oklahoma State contest, we have decided to suspend the officiating crew for the next two consecutive weeks. I have personally informed the crew of our decision,” said Bill Carollo, coordinator of officials for the MAC.

Additionally, the Big 12 said that the suspended replay crew would not be eligible for a postseason bowl game assignment. 


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