Gundy Won't Forget This One For A Long Time

Mike Gundy says he wishes that he'd trusted his gut instinct when the officials called intentional grounding and gave Central Michigan an untimed play.

For someone who didn’t want to talk about Saturday’s controversial ending to Oklahoma State’s 30-27 loss to Central Michigan, Mike Gundy had plenty to say during his weekly meeting with the media on Monday.

The Oklahoma State head coach spent nearly 20 minutes during his 28-minute news conference discussing the final plays in which the Mid-American Conference officials – and then the Big 12 replay official – did not know the rule concerning loss of down penalties following a penalty to end the game.

Gundy said Monday he wishes that he had objected more rigorously to the officials allowing an untimed play by Central Michigan despite the game being over. The OSU head coach says he thought the loss-of-down rule may have changed from when the Cowboys put the end-of-game play in several years ago and he wasn’t aware of the rule change, so that’s why he didn’t become more demonstrative with the officials.

"The one area that disappointed me was that I couldn't just take my shirt off and lay on the field and protest,” he said.

“That’s why I was so frustrated that night, because I knew that an accepted penalty by the defense with the clock expired, the game’s over. If the offense runs a play and the defense gets penalized, then you can extend the game, in most cases, there is some fine print. We were all aware of that. At the end of the night laying down, that’s why I was most upset. Because I should have just said, ‘I know the rule.’”

Unlike some OSU fans, Gundy says Central Michigan should not offer to give the victory to OSU.

“I’ve got all the respect in the world for their coach. I’ve got all the respect in the world for their program,” said Gundy. “It’s just like when we should have been in the national championship game in 2000, whatever year that was (2011-12). This rule was in place. We all agreed to it. We ended up on the short end of the stick. If benefited them. Honestly, they came down here and we were more talented than them and they beat us on our field. If we would have played better during the game, it would have never happened. If I was them, I would say, ‘A rule is a rule. We all bought into it. We get the win.’” 

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