Q & A with Paul Duren

Duren is back and says he will be ready to go against the Huskers on August 30. The scrimmage on Thursday was a major step for the Cowboys' returning leading tackler.

ROBERT ALLEN: Do you feel pretty good after going through your first scrimmage?

PAUL DUREN: It felt real good to be out there and be with the team instead of being over there on the sideline doing rehab. I got a little fatigued today, but I will be all right on Aug. 30.

RA: How tough was all the rehab that you went through?

DUREN: It was frustrating that it took so long, but we had a doctor that came through and do this new thing that they are doing with hamstring pulls and it helped out a ton. He's a chiropractor, and it's some new deal that they are doing. A military guy thought of it, and it helps out a lot.

RA: This was probably the best weather for you to keep the hamstring loose. It was sure warm enough to keep any muscle loose out there.

DUREN: I was loose, but it gets fatigued real quick when you have been off of it so long. I felt all right, I felt pretty good.

RA: Isn't Donovan Woods a pretty good guy to have back there running the scout team offense? I would think he would give the defense a real good idea of what it is like to play against Jammal Lord.

DUREN: He is a stud. He is built almost exactly like Jammal Lord. I think he is going to be a great player for us. He gives us a great look. He is fast now!

RA: I noticed today that even when an offensive player on the scout team got loose, he never got all the way loose. The speed of this defense is sensational, isn't it?

DUREN: That's what we did all summer, we tried to work on our speed. I think our secondary is 10 times faster than they were last year, and I think it is going tohelp them out a lot on cover skills. You know, from the summer until now, we are a totally different team when it comes to speed.

RA: I know it was hard to see positives with your injury, but while you were out Pagitte McGee and Glenn Jackson got a lot of reps with the first team defense. Can you tell where it has made them a lot better?

DUREN: They've got 10 times better. They've learned the defense better, and they are playing a lot better. Once you get an understanding of this defense, your effort level can move up and you play a lot better.

RA: One more week and you feel like you will be ready in everyway that you need to be?

DUREN: I feel like the shape may not be all the way there, but from what Coach Clay has said we will have some rotation in there. We'll see, but I will be ready to do whatever I need to.

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