Gundy Addresses Fans During Weekly Radio Show

Mike Gundy addresses questions from Oklahoma State fans concerning loss to Central Michigan during his weekly phone-in coaches show.

On Tuesday night in his weekly phone-in coaches show, The Mike Gundy Call-In Show on Learfield, the Cowboys head coach was asked if he considered using his remaining timeout or if he could have even used it prior to the un-timed down on Saturday that resulted in a hook and ladder touchdown pass for the win by Central Michigan. The question was asked whether Gundy considered using the timeout to allow for more time for someone involved to realize that the wrong decision was being made. 

"I had said to the official that I had never heard of a penalty against the offense extending the game," Gundy elaborated. "I said I had heard of a defensive penalty resulting in another play, but never an offensive. He told me that it did this time. I looked out there and saw eight officials huddled up and I knew there were the officials in the replay booth upstairs and I thought if one of them doesn't realize it then maybe I was wrong. Turns out I was right, but I didn't use the timeout because they told me that was what we were going to do."

Sources close to the team told me on Tuesday that Gundy did hear from the conference office earlier and was told that he should have been fined for comments he made in his news conference on Monday but the league was not going to fine him. My guess is it is hard to fine the guy that thought he was right but because the officials are in charge and supposed to know the rules, he followed their lead. Then the mistakes end up costing that coach and his team the game. It would seem to me that coach would deserve to make a few comments and sort of blow off some steam or frustration.

Gundy is still disgusted by it, but for the sake of his team he has moved on and told host Dave Hunziker it was very good to be back on the practice field with the team on Tuesday afternoon, and then he felt the team had moved forward and had a good practice on Tuesday. 

The Cowboys face a very physical and talented opponent in the Pitt Panthers. Pitt is 2-0 after beating rival Penn State 42-39. The Panthers are coached by defensive guru Pat Narduzzi and have a new offensive coordinator that has mixed up their zone and power run game with some flashier offense including jet action and some option. On defense they have a really stout defensive line and pass rush.

Gundy emphasized that they will have to be able to run the ball on Saturday and he also said he expected Barry J. Sanders, who wasn't seen much last week, to get more action against Pitt.

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