Zach Sinor Deserves Helmet Sticker

Zach Sinor averaged 47.7 yards on six punts against Pittsburgh but his three punts in the final 12:55 of the game had the Panthers starting drives from their own 21-, 10- and 11-yard lines.

First, you had to love the primary helmet sticker of the day as Oklahoma State helmet's included the new star badge logo with the brand in the middle of the marshal's badge, thanks to the equipment staff of coordinator Matt "The Chief" Davis and Justin Williams.

The next helmet sticker came late Saturday night after many Cowboy fans were long gone as ESPN's College Football Final awarded OSU wide receiver James Washington a helmet sticker for his nine receptions for a near Oklahoma State record and an NCAA Division I season-high 296 receiving yards and two touchdowns. 

However, I have a hidden helmet sticker and it goes to Oklahoma State punter Zach Sinor, who was the first person out of the locker room following the one-hour, 58-minute rain and lightning delay. Sinor was out there punting the football back and forth and loosening up for the final 12:55 of the game. He ended up being a huge factor with consecutive punts of 46 yards, 51 yards, and 34 yards on a pooch. The resulting field position for Pittsburgh in the most crucial time of the game had the Panthers starting at their own 21-, 10-, and 11-yard lines. 

"By him getting the ball down by the 10 a couple of times, if you're there offensive coordinator then you're a little concerned about what you are going to call because your head coach is a defensive guy and he is saying whatever you do, don't lose this thing," head coach Mike Gundy explained. "They were a little more hesitant to call plays that they could call because you know he was telling them, 'we've already stopped these guys twice, so if we have to punt this thing that's fine. Just don't lose it.' That is why it was important because their punter was good also. Both teams and both guys were really, really good."

After the touchdown and on the ensuing kick-off, Pitt was flagged for an illegal block and started at its own 8-yard line. Primarily due to Sinor, the Panthers average starting field position after the delay and in the final 12:55 of the fourth quarter was the 12 and a half-yard line. That will go a long way with winning games.

"I just went into the weight room and got into some stretching and on some of the leg machines that pump the blood around and just stayed warm," Sinor explained of what he did during the break. "It feels good and it is different and we feel supported by everybody and when you do something good my teammates come over and tell me I did good, but when the fans stand up and start cheering you that really feels good."

Sinor finished the game with six punts for a 47.7-yard average and he had four of his six punts downed inside the 20-yard line, a favorite statistic of his. 

"My goal last year was to have no touchbacks and I did good, I think I had three," Sinor said of field position kicks. "This year I want to lead the nation in inside the 20 punts. Last year I was tied for third, I think. I'm just trying to give the defense the best field position that I can and I'm not working on my average. Inside the 20 is what I want to do as much as possible because it is what helps the team."

Sinor gets my now not so hidden helmet sticker. 

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