Chuba Hubbard Set To Run

Chuba Hubbard, running back from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who is committed to Oklahoma State, has plenty of talent, says ESPN Director of Scouting Tom Luginbill.

Tonight outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada there is a good chance that Chuba Hubbard is going to be revved up to get back to carrying the football. Bev Facey Community School and their standout running back will be taking on Spruce Grove.

Last week Hubbard played defense only and had two tackles and a deflected pass in a 52-7 win by Bev Facey. Hubbard suffered a slight injury the week before so he took a week off from toting the football.

The Oklahoma State commitment had scholarship offers from the likes of Alabama, Auburn, Miami (Fla.), Bowling Green, San Diego State, Oregon, Colorado, Colorado State, Texas A&M, TCU, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Syracuse, and many more. 

Hubbard is not only a fine football player but one of the fastest sprinters in track in all of Canada. He is also right around 6-1, 190 pounds and a real talent. I've been curious as I've watched tape of Canadian prospects. Oklahoma State signed Amen Ogbonbemiga in its class last February and he has come in as a redshirt and converted really well to the American game played with one less player on a smaller field.

Today, I had a chance to ask ESPN Director of Scouting and college football sideline reporter Tom Luginbill as he co-hosted on Sirius College Football Nation's First Team with Greg McElroy about Hubbard and evaluating prospects in Canada.

"My take on this, and remember we had another player in the 2016 class, Chase Claypool, who is a wide receiver that signed with Notre Dame, very, very talented and very skilled and he has fit right in playing American 11-man football and on a 53-yard field (across) versus a 75-yard field," Luginbill started. "We do this in the state in that we evaluate the competition that you are playing, the difference in the field dimensions, and the space that you have to utilize in high school when you are a superior athlete than the opponent.

"That 75 yards across the field when you are a speed guy, Claypool is a speed guy and Hubbard is definitely a speed guy, will make you stand out even with one more player on the field than say if you were playing at Booker T. Washington High School down in South Florida or you were playing for North Gwinnett out of Atlanta."

Hubbard has stood out with crazy numbers last season of 2,534 rushing yards and 30 touchdowns in nine games and a per carry average of over 20 yards. This season he has 56 carries for 773 yards and seven touchdowns so far. He is averaging 13.8 yards a carry. He also has three pass receptions for 45 yards and two touchdowns. 

"We do go back and evaluate these kids and to have two Canadian prospects come up and develop as big time prospects in back-to-back classes doesn't happen very often, so I think what happened is that most of these kids that are up there are being proactive and they are getting their tape out there, getting their combine results out there in the hands of American (college) coaches," Luginbill said.

Of course a 10.53 seconds in the 100 meters and a 21.85 seconds in the 200 meters is also information that will be very impressive to American college track and football coaches. 

Go Pokes will keep you updated on Hubbard's senior season at Bev Facey.

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