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Can You Imagine An Elephant Bone?

Would Mike Gundy consider creating a new formation called the Elephant Bone, featuring Vincent Taylor, Motekiai Maile and Vili Leveni?

It's a long way from happening or is it? Oklahoma State has an open weekend following the Iowa State game this Saturday and that would give the coaching staff an opportunity to add some new material to the playbook. Maybe even a new goal-line and short-yardage package featuring the fleet footed and expert pitch man Vincent Taylor.

Head coach Mike Gundy is still impressed with how Taylor handled his chore of pitching to trailing safety Tre Flowers after the first blocked PAT last Saturday in the 49-31 win over Texas.

"Vincent Taylor looked like Vince Young (former Texas Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback) and actually looked like Jamelle Holieway making that pitch," Gundy said after the PAT block and return for a defensive conversion. "If Dick Evans (Gundy's high school coach at Midwest City) would have seen Vincent make that pitch he would have used it for a teaching film. We ran veer option at Midwest City and it was thumbs down on the pitch. I practiced it forever to get it right. He pitched it out there like he was running veer option for Midwest City, beautiful."

The big defensive tackle, who is 6-3, 310 pounds, but pretty fleet of foot for that frame said he had no experience at quarterback. But by moving to San Antonio from New Orleans as the result of Hurricane Katrina, Taylor said he had a connection with Flowers as they went to middle school together before Flowers moved to high school at Converse Judson.

Taylor, who was just nominated today by the Orange Bowl committee as a finalist for the Orange Bowl Football Writers Association of America Courage Award, again emphasized that he has never been a quarterback. 

"No, that's a middle school connection that Tre Flowers and I have, that's all that is," Taylor said. "Whenever (offensive coordinator Mike) Yurcich is ready to put me in a package, I'm ready."

He's not the only one. Gundy may have started something a couple of seasons ago at the Cactus Bowl when he used defensive tackle James Castleman as a ball carrier, blocker, and even a receiver out of the backfield in the bowl win over Washington. Taylor wants in but so do two other defensive linemen that have carried the ball in another sport.

"I used to be a rugby player, so you just never know," Motekiai Maile said. "I'd be up for it, just the fact that James (Castleman) and Ofa (Hautau) got to do it. The biggest part I miss from rugby is getting the ball, but playing football is good too." 

"We played rugby, so we're always trying to talk our way back into the backfield," defensive lineman Vili Leveni said.

The question now may not be if – as all three have shown signs of being able to do it – but when and how?

"You never know, we might put all three of them back there in a wishbone formation," Gundy added. 

The Elephant Bone.

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