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Gundy Talks Team's Health, More On Radio Show

Mike Gundy says the bye week came at a good time for his Oklahoma State Cowboys football team as it allowed several players who were battling nagging injuries to get healthy again.

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy and Voice of the Cowboys Dave Hunziker talked some music on the coach's call-in show on Tuesday night on Learfield's Cowboy Radio Network. Gundy revealed that his older son, Gavin, is majoring in business and finance with the goal of getting into the business side of the music recording business. Gundy echoed his love of music, yet lack of any musical talent. 

"I would have Prince, as I've said he is a musical genius, and then Garth Brooks," Gundy said when asked for a two-act dream concert. "I like both styles of music. Both have a lot of songs, so it would be a long concert. With Prince it would be his older stuff that I like, not the newer stuff. I like Raspberry Beret, 1999, Little Red Corvette, those songs."

On more of the football side, Gundy offered the following.

"We had a good practice today, and as we said last week, teams are moving more in the direction of not practicing very heavy in open weeks," Gundy said. "Very different than it was even a few years ago. I think it worked out well. The good news is we have a healthy football team. Tre Flowers feels better, (Jordan) Burton feels better, Jarrell (Owens) feels better, James (Washington) feels better. (Jordan) Sterns is better and I saw him running around out there today.

"Last week we didn't practice much," Gundy continued. (Brad) Lundblade is better and so is Mason (Rudolph). Mason was really sore for a couple of weeks. He was really sore and he had quite a bit of inflammation in that area which makes it really difficult for him to rotate. He's always been really tough when you think about it. He's been tough, played with a broken foot. I think he feels better and the only one (that's been hurt during the season) that we don't have is Larry (Williams) and we won't have him for a month. The medical staff does a great job and that will continue this week."

Gundy said some of the freshmen that have played, and that could include sensational running back Justice Hill, have started to hit the wall, but with the break they are getting fresh and getting a mental and a physical break. 

The head coach was keyed up at practice today and he told the team he would rather coach than watch football on the weekends.

"Last weekend I enjoyed my time and was able to spend quality time with my oldest son and watch games, but I told the team it is not as much fun for me to watch games as to coach them," Gundy said. "I like to coach and it hasn't got old yet. When it does then it might be time to let someone else to coach them. I really look forward to the game plan we have in all three phases each week and if it is successful or if it is the middle of the road. That part of it is fascinating to me."

Gundy finished the show saying this week the preparation is more about Oklahoma State than Kansas. Gundy said the Jayhawks have used some cover two and some cover one, some playing up to stop the run and some playing off. He is curious how they will treat the Pokes as OSU has seen some of each this season. On offense, Kansas is reading the box and running when the numbers aren't there and passing when they are. Kansas will uses some RPO (run-pass-option).

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