Monday press conference report

The depth chart was released with little in the way of surprises. Miles is fired up and you can tell by some of his key quotes. Rashaun Woods tells us how he would cover Rashaun Woods.


Nothing is surprising on the Husker depth chart. There was talk that Josh Davis was close to beating out David Horne at tailback, but it isn't listed that way.

The Huskers are solid, but not spectacular on offense. Horne is a good runner, but not a great one. Fullback Judd Davies needs to be respected. He is a load at 6-0, 250 and he will get carries. The offensive line is solid, but there are two former walkons starting, not unusual for the Huskers. Pilkington, O'Holleran, and LeFlore have speed at reciever and tight end Matt Herian is the best big play threat in the passing game. You know about Lord. He is a great athlete, but just a fair passer.

Defensively, seven starters return and the best addition to the lineup is senior linebacker T.J. Hollowell, who can really run for a linebacker. On the defensive front watch out for Trevor Johnson at end. The secondary is good, but not great by Nebraska standards. Left corner Fabian Washington should have improved since starting a year ago as a true freshman.

The punter Kyle Larson has been hurt, we'll see if he's okay on game day. The new kicker is Sandro De"Angelis, who had some experience kicking last season when Josh Brown was suspended.


On preparing fot the new Husker coordinators:

"We'll have to find out what they are going to do when they call it repeatedly, whether it is offense, defense, or special teams. We are in our third year (as a staff), and we think there are advantages to that. We'll have to make an adjustment or two on the run. We're in our third year so we should be capable of doing that. The key is what they (Nebraska) were able to teach and to learn in a short amount of time, and expect it to be repeated."

On the pressure, more on OSU or Nebraska:

"It's tough for me to determine more pressure. I don't know how they are going to approach the game. That is up to them to do. I can tell you how we are going to do it. We are looking forward to going up there to their stadium. We know they are going to be a good football team ready to play their very best. We're going to take our best shot. We're going to fling it, defend it, and kick it just like we always have and play our style of football. At the end of the game, hopefully we'll be ahead."

On the atmosphere at Nebraska:

"I have talked to several coaches that have played there and had success. We have piped in noise last week and will this week. We have described the environment as best we can. I think it is going to be an electric-charged atmosphere, and I think our players will draw from that as will theirs. We're going to take a small group of players to Lincoln, comparatively, and we are going to have to hang together and fight like heck and get victory. I can't imagine anybody not enjoying a stadium that is packed and rooting very strongly against you. I think that is just as exciting as being at home and having the hometown crowd root for you."

On trying to win an opener for the first time as OSU head coach:

"We've looked at that and being able to start fast and hit our stride on offense, defense and special teams is the key to, in our minds, to getting that fast start. I think in our third year (as a staff) we'll be better at addressing some of those issues just in the case of communication, the players knowing what to expect, play in and play out. We hope that is the answer."


It's well known that nobody really has stopped Rashaun Woods. Last season alone, Woods caught touchdown passes against players that were drafted in the first, third, third, fifth, and sixth rounds of the NFL Draft. Woods has been almost impossible to cover in the past two seasons. So, the question begs how do you stop Rashaun Woods. Woods, himself, gave a plan to cover him that he thought would work.

"I've seen it all," said Woods of the ways other teams have tried to cover him. "I'm a senior, I've seen it all. I know everything. I know when they roll up what I'm supposed to do, and the great thing about having Josh at quarterback is he knows what we're supposed to do.

"I would put somebody in my face, right on me," said Woods describing how he would defend himself. "Then I would roll somebody over the top and then have somebody playing the passing lane."

In other words, it would take three players and if any team does that the rest of the receivers, not to mention the tailbacks will be licking their chops.


It's early in the week. I don't mind that Les Miles shut practice down, even for the beat media. I think it is a good thing. It's time to circle the wagons. Here's my early prediction. If the Cowboys don't turn over the ball and the first team offense had no turnovers in three preseason scrimmages, I like OSU to win 27-17.

The depth chart for the opener with Nebraska was released today and there were no real surprises.

LT - Matt Hardison, Doug Koenig
LG - Chris Akin, Corey Curtis
C - Ben Buie, Kurt Seifried
RG - Sam Mayes, Caleb Noble
RT - Kellen Davis, Corey Hilliard
TE - Billy Bajema, Charlie Johnson
WR - Rashaun Woods, Kenny Williams
WR - D'Juan Woods, John Wohlgemuth
QB - Josh Fields, Jamie Beeghley
FB - Tim Burrough, Shawn Willis
TB - Tatum Bell, Seymore Shaw

RE - Greg Richmond, Trumain Carroll
DT - Clay Coe, Kyle Hix
NG - Efe Mowarin, Mike Williams
DE - Antonio Smith, Khreem Smith
LB - Pagitte McGee, Paul Duren
MLB - Lawrence Pinson, Glenn Jackson or Victor DeGrate
LCB - Darrent Williams, Daniel McLemore
SS - Fath' Carter, Jamie Thompson
FS - Thomas Wright, Jon Holland
WS - Elbert Craig, Jamar Ransom or Freddie Sinclair
RCB - Robert Jones or Vernon Grant

K - Luke Phillips, Brent Baisden
P - Cole Farden, Sky Rylant
DS - Jacob Dressen, Brady Nix

I was not surprised at all about Kellen Davis at right tackle, Mayes just didn't want to play there. Davis has experience there and he is talented enough to play well, especially with Mayes guidance next to him. Expect to see Hilliard play some, rare for a freshman offensive linemen, but he has been that good. He will develop into one of the best offensive linemen in school history. That is agreed upon by everyone that has seen him so far.

On defense, Efe Mowarin moved ahead of Mike Williams in the last two scrimmages, but both will play as will Antonio Smith and possibly freshman Brad Girtman. It will take at least five and maybe more in the rotation Saturday in Lincoln.

You should read more of the play of Pagitte McGee than the inactivity of Paul Duren into the fact McGee is listed ahead of Duren at linebacker. Both will play a bunch and McGee really came on and progressed during Duren's injury.

Finally, Joe DeForest says that Jacob Dressen is further along as a deep snapper than he thought he would be at this point. By the way, Nebraska is breaking in a new deep snapper too in starting offensive tackle Richie Incognito. Incognito is a very emotional player and that could spell trouble, we'll see, on the deep snaps.


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