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Cowboys Are 18th In CFP Rankings

Oklahoma State is 18th in the first College Football Playoff rankings of the season, and only two Big 12 teams (Oklahoma at No. 14 and Baylor at No. 17) are ranked ahead of the Cowboys.

Yes, I will say there is a chance but it is so slim that Heaven and Earth would have to move and a lot of weird things would have to happen in college football in the next six weeks for Oklahoma State to find the favor of the College Football Playoff Committee to get into the fourth spot and compete in the CFP semifinals.

Of course, Oklahoma State is no worse off than virtually any of the teams in the Big 12 that made the initial top 25 released Tuesday night by the committee.

20. West Virginia

18. Oklahoma State

17. Baylor

14. Oklahoma

That is a tough start for the Big 12 and we can't say that it wasn't expected. The Mountaineers and Bears have just one loss each, but they also have no quality wins outside the Big 12 and the number they have in the Big 12 is shrinking. 

Oklahoma State is ranked higher here than they were in either of the regular polls from the AP and USA Today. The Cowboys were 22nd in each of those.

I think the committee saw the wins over Pittsburgh, Texas, and West Virginia as quality and a 3-1 record against the top 40. I'm guessing that there was some discussion by the 12 members of the committee over the loss to Central Michigan, that although an ugly effort by the Cowboys by the rules was supposed to be and should have been a win, meaning Oklahoma State would be 7-1 at this time. Don't forget that because if Oklahoma State wins out and some of the mayhem that needs to take place with the teams ahead then that Central Michigan debate could become a major factor. 

If Oklahoma State wins out they would pass Oklahoma and likely pass Baylor even though they lost to the Bears. I'm not even going to begin to get into some of the things that need to happen, but they start this week. All but three of the 16 teams ahead of Oklahoma State, excluding OU which the Cowboys would take care of, need to lose at least once and any unbeaten team would need to lose multiple times and one would need to be to a team outside the top 25 and maybe outside the top 40. 

The easiest path to glory for Oklahoma State is beat Kansas State, Texas Tech, TCU and then Oklahoma, and claim the Big 12 Championship and make reservations for New Orleans and the Sugar Bowl. 

It's not as fun as we all had hoped but it is a much better situation that we though it might be at the end of September. A perfect October has led to that No. 18 ranking from the CFP Committee tonight. 

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