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Cowboys Treated Fairly By CFP Committee

Oklahoma State moves up to No. 11 in this week's College Football Playoff rankings.

As dusk was taking effect in Stillwater, Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy had his team gathered around him following their Tuesday practice and Gundy went through the message of not paying attention to the College Football Playoff rankings that would be released later.

"You guys need to ignore it, don't pay any attention to it," Gundy said. "Those can't help you. All you need to worry about is practice tomorrow. I can't, you can't, do anything about those rankings. Those rankings can't help you beat TCU. You need to worry about what you can control. The thing that I can control and you can control is how we prepare and how we practice tomorrow."

Gundy is right as those rankings can't do anything for the Cowboys and can't help in any way in trying to take care of business and beating TCU. However, Oklahoma State fans are paying attention and based on the feedback I've received on radio, on social media, and on the internet, those Cowboy fans want to see their team treated fairly. Treated like a 9-1 team that had a loss snatched away from them by a group of MAC officials, who apparently didn't know the rules on an offensive penalty called on the last play of the game and whether an untimed down was called for in that situation. It wasn't, but they did call for it, and it cost Oklahoma State the game against Central Michigan.

So, are the Cowboys being treated fair ranked at number 11 in the third week of the CFP rankings? My answer is yes.

Ranked right behind the CFP playoff contending group of unbeaten Alabama at number one and then Ohio State, Michigan, and Clemson forming the top four. Yes, Michigan and Clemson lost last week but their resumes are worthy of top four positions.

Louisville is ranked fifth at 9-1, and last week's number four, Washington, after being throttled by USC, fell to number six. Two-loss teams Wisconsin and Penn State are next in order and deserve it as they each have strong resumes. Oklahoma is ninth and is unbeaten in the Big 12 with losses to highly thought of Houston early and Ohio State. Colorado is ranked 10th and that is spotty but they are the new team in town at this level.

The Cowboys are 11th and fine there as should they beat TCU then they will have a chance for a big move with Bedlam, especially if OU beats West Virginia.

Immediately behind Oklahoma State is Utah, Southern Cal, West Virginia, Auburn, and LSU.

I would call it fair, and I would agree with Gundy in that it can't do anything right now for Mason Rudolph, Chris Carson, James Washington, Zach Crabtree, Vincent Taylor, Justin Phillips, or Jordan Sterns and the rest of the Cowboys. Extra video study, eating right, getting good sleep, hydrating, and practicing is what really counts.

There will be rankings on Dec. 4 and those might be able to do something for Oklahoma State if the Cowboys do plenty between now and then for themselves.

1 Alabama 10-0

2 Ohio State 9-1

3 Michigan 9-1

4 Clemson 9-1

5 Louisville 9-1

6 Washington 9-1

7 Wisconsin 8-2

8 Penn State 8-2

9 Oklahoma 8-2

10 Colorado 8-2

11 Oklahoma State 8-2

12 Utah 8-2

13 Southern California 7-3

14 West Virginia 8-1

15 Auburn 7-3

16 LSU 6-3

17 Florida State 7-3

18 Nebraska 8-2

19 Tennessee 7-3

20 Boise State 9-1

21 Western Michigan 10-0

22 Washington State 8-2

23 Florida 7-2

24 Stanford 7-3

25 Texas A&M 7-3

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