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Can OSU Keep Up Its Texas Domination?

Oklahoma State will be attempting to improve its record against Texas schools to 25-7 since 2010 when the 11th-ranked Cowboys face the TCU Horned Frogs on Saturday.

Six players were made available to the media during Oklahoma State’s weekly media luncheon this past Monday. Five of those players made the decision to play at Oklahoma State after successful high school careers in Texas, and the sixth player was Mason Rudolph from South Carolina.

In this decade (from 2010 to the present), Oklahoma State has compiled an impressive 24-7 record (77.4 winning percentage) in games against Texas schools. Just as impressive is the fact that the Cowboys are 10-4 (71.4 percent) in true road games in Texas.

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It was interesting to hear the reactions when the native Texans were informed of the Cowboys’ success against the Longhorns, Red Raiders, Horned Frogs and others.

The 11th-ranked Cowboys will be looking to improve their record to 3-1 this season against Texas schools when they face TCU on Saturday in Fort Worth.

“I know we have a lot of guys from Texas, so I know for me personally, any time you play a team from Texas it’s fun because usually you know some guys on that team,” said Cowboys starting center Brad Lundblade from Argyle, Texas. “You kind of get to play with a chip on your shoulder any time you play near your home, so it’s kind of fun.”

Senior free safety Jordan Sterns record in his four years at OSU is 4-0 against Texas Tech, 3-1 vs. Texas, 2-1 vs. TCU, and 1-3 vs. Baylor.

“It says we do a good job, a great job of competing and we don’t care who you are or where you’re from, we’re going to go out there and compete and try to win,” said Sterns, who is from Cibolo, Texas.

“For some reason I love playing away. It’s just fun,” Sterns said. “You’re just there with your teammates, and the people that you travel with, so it’s just fun to go out there and compete when everybody is against you. Especially coming out with a win, when you make plays it’s silent in there because obviously you’re away, and the only people there for you are your teammates.”

Fourth-year junior Vincent Taylor from San Antonio was taken aback when he was told of the Cowboys’ success in Texas.

“That’s crazy,” said the Cowboys standout defensive tackle. “Any team I have a chip on my shoulder, especially teams who didn’t offer me, a team that passed on me. Most of the guys on our team are from Texas so any time we get a chance to go play a Texas team it’s always good to go down there and win.

“It’s always good to get a win on the road, especially playing in a hostile environment. We’re going in there with one loss in the conference and TCU is going to try to add to that. We’ve just got to go out there ready to play, and everybody be focused and be on the same page.”

Lundblade says the Cowboys aren’t intimidated when they enter the playing field at TCU, Texas Tech, Baylor or Texas.

“For us, we always talk about how that really doesn’t affect us,” said the junior. “We talk about how the field is the same 52 by 100 (yards), there are 22 guys on the field at one time. It’s the same game. The crowd noise is there but we practice every day with loud music to simulate that, so we’re used to it. I think all of those things kind of work together is why we’re able to have so much success on the road.”

Like Sterns and Taylor, he enjoys walking off the field after a road win.

“I love playing on the road, honestly. It’s a lot of fun,” Lundblade said. “I kinda like going in as the bad guy, getting booed coming out of the tunnel, and most stadiums you’re sitting in front of the student section and they’re talking trash the whole game.

“I kinda look at it as a challenge, and it’s fun to kinda go in as the bad guy. To have that feeling of getting a win on the road and walking off to a silent crowd, and seeing all the fans exiting out of the stadium. It’s a good feeling.” 

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