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Gundy Sticking With What Got Cowboys Here

Mike Gundy and the Cowboys coaching staff will put the team through workouts Tuesday and Wednesday before letting them off to celebrate Thanksgiving.

How will the Oklahoma State football team use the bye on Thanksgiving week and then next week in preparation for the Big 12 (defacto) championship game in Norman against OU?

I was asked this on the Premium Board on a thread and I thought we covered it some in the wrap-up coverage of the TCU game. I also think Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy probably covered it in his postgame news conference outside the locker room in Fort Worth on Saturday following the 31-6 win over the Horned Frogs sending the Cowboys to 9-2 and securing a matchup for the Big 12 championship on Dec. 3 in Norman.

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Gundy complimented the players for the effort and playmaking they did in the game at TCU and then he moved on to outline the plan for his players as they will practice on Tuesday and Wednesday, both practices in helmets, shoulder pads, and shorts or sweats. They will not bang around but will focus on mental preparations and looks they expect to see against Oklahoma and also put in some work on a few areas of the Cowboys offense, defense and special teams that need a little shoring up or polishing. The emphasis will be to continue down the path that they have gone down.

"You guys better get in good lifts because you will be fresh," Gundy implored. "We are going to let you guys get completely healthy and feel fresh going into the game with Oklahoma."

It is a game plan that Gundy, his coaching staff, the strength and conditioning staff under Rob Glass, the medical staff with John Stemm, Kevin Blaske, and Dr. Val Gene Iven, and other staff members such as nutritionist Charles Hewitt have followed in getting ample rest, good hydration and food, and staying easy on the body.

It actually started in fall camp as contact was closely monitored and has stayed that way throughout the season. It isn't that the Cowboys haven't hit, but they have hit only when the staff felt it was needed and not to excess. It has left the Cowboys with a fresh and healthy team, much more fresh and healthy than the Cowboys were a year ago at this time.

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