Bedlam Matchup: Richards vs. Basquine

Ramon Richards will have his chances to make a big play against the high-powered Oklahoma offense.

Oklahoma State's Ramon Richards is really versatile, he's picked three passes this season and two of those have come when he has been playing as an extra safety, a nickel back. The junior from Brackenridge High School in San Antonio plays a lot of cornerback but he is even more effective it seems, especially in zone, when he is playing as an extra pass defender.

Richards is very popular and has become an internet sensation with his "Real Talk with Ramon Richards" YouTube series. He talks first dates, squirrels on campus, children, a lot of topics. The only topic the 5-11, 185-pound speedster will be focusing on next week is Bedlam and having success against the high powered and explosive OU offense.

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Richards could see one of Oklahoma's hidden weapons in the contest. 

Nick Basquine is a walk-on out of Norman North and he has quickly proven that he deserves a scholarship and is much better than walk-on status. This season Basquine has 19 receptions for 252 yards, a 13.3 yards per catch average, and two touchdowns.

Basquine is 5-11, 190 pounds, very strong, and very quick. The question begs how some school didn't notice him. The truth is some did and some offered a scholarship, but Basquine was confident that he could walk-on at OU and make it. He has in a big way as a starter and likely the third target in the pass offense for the Sooners. 

The focus will be on Dede Westbrook and stopping the soon to be named All-American, but Basquine can hurt the Cowboys. Richards can solve that problem and is good enough and crafty enough to possibly take a ball away and as we have already said a few times this game will likely come down to turnovers and stops. Richards covering Basquine could contribute to one or the other or both next Saturday. 

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