Gundy Show Nuggets Prior To Bedlam

Mike Gundy shares his thoughts on what the Cowboys will be looking for when they take the field Saturday with the Big 12 title on the line.

Mind you, no head coach is going to reveal precious secrets about his team's game plan or any other top secret info on his coach's call-in show prior to a championship game like the one Saturday in Norman between the Cowboys and the Sooners, but head coach Mike Gundy of Oklahoma State seemed very relaxed and at ease Tuesday night during his call-in show with the Voice of the Cowboys Dave Hunziker.

Considering the wildfire rumor of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon having broken his leg playing pick-up basketball, I think listening to the Bob Stoops call-in show tonight would have been more entertaining.

Gundy hit on the weather forecast for Saturday early in the show.  

"We're keeping an eye on the weather," Gundy said. "We look at it six days out, three days out and then right up until game time. It can impact what we will try to do offensively. If it is cold it really doesn't effect anything because we have discovered the cold really doesn't change the way our players play. They will play the same in cold as in warm weather. There might be a dropped pass.

"The rain and if the field is slick could change some things. We really haven't played on a wet natural surface field in, I can't remember when. It helps when you can be balanced and we have been much better in our run game this season allowing us to be balanced."

The latest forecast calls for temperatures in the 40s and 50s and a 70 percent chance of afternoon showers. 

As far as the way Gundy thinks OU will defend the Cowboys, considering so many opponents lately, like Kansas State, Texas Tech, and TCU, have used extra coverage and safeties backed up to defend against wide receiver James Washington, Gundy thinks OU will do that some, but not all.

"I think they will mix it up," Gundy said. "I think they will play some coverage at James and when they do you know they give up a player in run defense. I can't see them doing that all the time. I think they will use coverage, but then I think they will pressure some. Last year they used a lot of zero blitz (cover 0 with no safety and heavy blitzing). I don't think they will do that, but I do think they will pressure and also concentrate of stopping the run. They will mix it up and take some chances."

Gundy said he and his offensive staff usually feel pretty solid after the first quarter about how a defense is trying to defend the offense. He also said one of the biggest areas of Mason Rudolph's development has been adapting to the way defenses play and then using the offensive game plan against that defense and putting the ball in the hands of the right players. He also complimented Rudolph on doing a good job of playing the next play. He said he doesn't let a bad throw or decision impact his next play, he has done a good job of recovering and playing on. 

The Cowboys head coach discussed special teams and acknowledged that punt returns and kickoff returns have factored heavy recently in Bedlam games – for Oklahoma in 2012 and 2013, and even a long kickoff return to set up a score last year. Of course, Tyreek Hill had the key punt return in the 2014 Oklahoma State win in Norman.

Gundy said he likes his kicking game and that they have been working on a plan to make sure Oklahoma does not get big plays in the return game. This is another area where watching the weather is pretty important. 

Again, Gundy seemed relaxed during the show and was also relaxed during practice today as it was obvious he felt his team had a good Tuesday practice.

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