Gundy, MacIntyre Preparing For Alamo Bowl

Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy and Colorado's Mike MacIntyre kicked off Alamo Bowl activities today at the event's annual golf tournament in San Antonio.

The Valero Alamo Bowl held its annual golf tournament today at The Golf Club on Sonterra as that event serves as the local kick-off of bowl activities. Both Mike Gundy, who just came off the road recruiting and was also the subject of stories involving contact from athletic director Mack Rhoades at Baylor and officials at Oregon about their head coaching jobs, and Mike MacIntyre, who is on his way to accept the Home Depot Coach of the Year Award on the Home Depot ESPN College Football Awards Show, were there to conduct a near 30-minute press conference.

Obviously, the clock was on to see when a media member would ask Gundy the question about his reported discussions this week with any other schools, primarily Baylor, who hired former Temple head coach Matt Ruhle as its new head coach. Gundy played it well and played it lightly pretending he didn't hear all the question.

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"I didn’t hear half of what he said," Gundy started before he chuckled. "No, I’m joking (laughter). That was pretty good, wasn’t it?

"As everybody knows, I’m fully committed to Oklahoma State. Fortunately enough I’ve been around really good players. When you win games, your name gets brought up. I’ve read about Coach MacIntyre’s name, so I’m going to push this off on him," Gundy said, and yes pushed off the question.

"There’s not any distraction. The question coach Mac just answered about the history of games, PAC-12 champions, where they win or lose. It’s interesting. The millennials we coach now, they live day-to-day. They stay on their phones. The news for the day is the news for the day. Whatever happened yesterday, they don’t pay a lot of attention to it. Distraction is not really a big issue. Our players will be excited about practicing and getting back together as a group for another 10 or 12 days and being at a great location at the Valero Alamo Bowl for a week."

Gundy, who played quarterback and coached in classic matchups against Colorado and then was around for awhile as head coach against the Buffs before they departed, and MacIntyre, who has never coached at CU against Oklahoma State, were both asked about the first meeting between Colorado and a former fellow Big Eight or Big 12 member. Actually, Oklahoma State has only met one former member of the league when they played Missouri out of the SEC after the Tigers left. OSU and Missouri met in the 2013 Cotton Bowl after the 2012 season.

"I go all the way back to the Big 8, sadly enough," Gundy said. "That question’s come up. Colorado, in my days of growing up, playing college ball, is a very traditional football program. When I was coming out, through the ’90s, they were winning a lot of games.

"The Buffalo, what it means to college football, it’s pretty cool. The world we live in with these millennials that we coach, they follow things for about two days, then they move on to something new. We probably have to remind them of that. As Lamont said earlier, this is a great matchup for the Valero Alamo Bowl. The final rankings were 10 and ours were 12. When you look at the games that these teams lost to, they were to really, really good teams. I think that will do more for the game than anything. I know both teams are going to be excited about playing in the game."

Both coaches said they are excited to get back to their teams and get back to preparation.

"I definitely hope so," MacIntyre said. "Our young men will be excited about playing in the game. We haven’t been to one, so they’re going to be excited about playing, excited about practicing, all those type of things. But we’re playing an excellent football team. They’ll be ready to play."

"Well, for us as coaches, we finished the game on Saturday at 4:00. The next morning most of us were on a plane by 7:00 a.m. A break from football maybe, but from the real world of coaching, not much of a break," Gundy answered.

"The players were back at it lifting today, so they had a few days off. But our approach, you’ve known me for a long time, when we get them together Saturday, the first thing that I’m going to tell them is how much I appreciate the commitment to Oklahoma State football. These guys are warriors. They put their bodies on the line throughout the year. They go out Saturdays, bang heads to play the game for each other, a game they love.

"We thank them for their commitment to Oklahoma State football. We correct mistakes from the last game. We tell them about the positives from the last game. They will be excited about playing Colorado because of what they’ve done, their success, as coach said. They’ll look forward to preparation."

The Cowboys leave for San Antonio on Dec. 23 and the game is at 8 p.m. Dec. 29 in the Alamodome.

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