Gundy Second Guesses Bedlam

Mike Gundy meets with reporters for the first time since the Bedlam loss.

Mike Gundy picked an unusual time at 6 p.m. Friday the week after losing a Big 12 Championship edition of Bedlam to meet with a rather large gathering of primarily print and television media in his office. The Cowboys head coach was between a team meeting, position meetings with his current players and a recruiting dinner with four prospective future Cowboys and their families in the training table area of the football facility.

It has been an eventful week that saw reports of Gundy speaking with Baylor about the Bears coaching position, which they later hired Temple head coach Matt Ruhle to take over. There were also rumors about Gundy being linked to the Oregon opening that went to South Florida head coach Willie Taggert.

We know that Gundy was on the road recruiting much of the week in Texas and in Arizona and then in San Antonio on Thursday for a news conference with head coach Mike MacIntyre of Colorado.

Gundy told the media gathered that he felt his team would be motivated and ready to play a very good Colorado team. He spent a lot of time discussing and complimenting Colorado as a team. He said he didn't feel his players would be harmed or bothered by the reports of his discussions on other coaching jobs.

"They know that if there is anything really important that they need to know that they will hear it from me first," Gundy said. "I will go directly to them and they will hear it from me."

One of the most interesting segments of the question-and-answer session was prompted when Tulsa World columnist Guerin Emig asked if Gundy was second guessing of his decisions, the big scope decisions in the Bedlam loss.

Gundy, usually not a second guesser, engaged in some such as going for the field goal for the first score at the goal line and not a touchdown, the end of the first half, a popular second guess for many fans, and more pressure on Baker Mayfield. Gundy didn't admit to fault in decisions but opened up questions.   

More important, after his discussion with the media he went down the hall to entertain and converse with a more critical audience to the future of the program. He went to speak to the four recruits and their families. No second guessing there, just confidence in the future.

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