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Thirteen Cowboys Earn Their Diplomas

Thirteen Cowboys will be graduating on Saturday during fall commencement exercises, and then Oklahoma State will conduct its first practice in the evening as the Cowboys begin preparing for the Alamo Bowl on Dec. 29.

Mike Gundy and the Oklahoma State Cowboys will begin practices tonight for the Alamo Bowl and the matchup with 10th-ranked Colorado on Dec. 29. There is a lot going on as Vincent Taylor is returning from New York City where he was a finalist and it turns out a runner-up to the Piesman Award that was presented last night to Pitt offensive lineman Brian O'Neill.

O'Neill had two touchdowns this season, a reverse and then he caught a pass for a score. The big offensive lineman edged Taylor, who blocked four kicks this season and was featured in a couple of returns, one on a blocked kick and one on an interception, in which Taylor showed off his ability to pitch the football like an option quarterback.

"I don't know if we will have him back in time for practice," Gundy said. "He deserves it. He has started asking about being on offense and carrying the ball in the bowl game. I just can't have him running the option."

Several Oklahoma State football players have earned their degree and participated in graduation ceremonies on campus today. Included in that group are the following:

Devante Averette – Educational psychology

Jordan Burton – Psychology and university studies

Eric Davis – Educational psychology

Austin Hays ­– Marketing

Victor Irokansi – Sociology

Blake Jarwin –­ Management

Ashton Lampkin – University studies/business administration

Keegan Metcalf – University studies/education

Derrick Moncrief – University studies/education

Grant Newell – University studies/education

Kaleb Smith – University studies/business administration

Zac Veatch –­ Management

Chad Whitener – Management

Also, it should be noted that cornerback Lenzy Pipkins (degree in public relations from Louisiana­Monroe) and Barry J. Sanders (degree in communications from Stanford) played this season with their diplomas already secured. 

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