Mike Gundy News Conference Highlights

Mike Gundy met with members of the media Thursday in his pre-Alamo Bowl news conference, and it was one of the more entertaining news conferences of 2016.

Sometimes you've gotta laugh and today was a day for it. Mike Gundy's pre-Alamo Bowl news conference was one of the more entertaining news conferences of the year. Gundy appeared to be in a very good mood as he answered serious questions about Colorado losing defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt to Oregon and whether that would impact the game. 

Gundy discussed several recruiting questions as in the grade of recruiting that Oklahoma State is able to go out and bring in, the San Antonio-area and how good that has been and how it is so much more active now because of what Oklahoma State has been able to do down there. He also talked about in-state recruiting. 

The Cowboys head coach even talked about how his extension, first discussed this summer, has not been completed or signed. There was serious talk about the matchup with Colorado, but there was also some very humorous and entertaining portions of the new conference such as Gundy's thoughts on the NFL mock drafts floating around in the media and on the internet. 

Do you want to know what Gundy thinks of how the mullet hairstyle he is still displaying impacts Cowboys recruiting? It was covered.

How about what the NFL talent evaluators might think if the Tulsa World's Mark Cooper were to send in an evaluation like Mason Rudolph, James Washington, Vincent Taylor and Chad Whitener have. Gundy gave his evaluation of Cooper. 

There is some candy, toffee to be exact, that has made the rounds at the football office that is causing some conflict. Finally, and a little serious at the same time, Gundy discusses legacy and contract extension with one of his favorite questioners in John Hoover. 

Check out the video.

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