Rudolph, Veatch On Leadership

Mason Rudolph is one of the leaders of the Cowboys, and Robert Allen recently asked him about his leadership style.

Last weekend I was looking to take a break from writing, working on material for Go Pokes and also writing chapters for a book project that I'm working on "100 Things Oklahoma State Fans Need to See or Do Before They Die."

I checked the taped shows on the DVR and realized that I had not watched the "Football Life" on Troy Aikman. I've always liked Aikman and knew that he had come very close to signing with Jimmy Johnson and going to Oklahoma State. He went to OU, then when he transferred he went to UCLA even though Johnson made a strong pitch for him to go to Miami, Fla. Finally, after being drafted at Dallas he was being coached by Jimmy Johnson. Aikman liked playing for Johnson, who coached hard. 

Then later after Johnson left Dallas and Jerry Jones brought in Barry Switzer, Aikman grew frustrated as Switzer didn't maintain the hard edge and discipline that Johnson had. Aikman admitted he took over yelling and pushing teammates. 

I asked Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph what he thought because Rudolph reminds me of Aikman in wanting structure and discipline within the team, within the offensive unit. Rudolph admitted that he is diplomatic and picky in how he does it, but he does push teammates. 

"I'm a pretty good receivers coach," Rudolph even said. 

I can tell you he doesn't have to push that agenda much as Kasey Dunn in a receivers coach that coaches hard. 

The quarterback was really just referring to what he does on the field and in the heat of battle. 

I also threw in the opinion of leadership and team make-up of senior Cowboy back Zac Veatch, who recognizes that it takes all types of personalities and leadership within a team. 

For every serious player there needs to be somebody keeping it light and everybody loose. 

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