Vincent Taylor's Announcement Coming Soon

Oklahoma State defensive tackle Vincent Taylor was named the Defensive MVP in Thursday night's Alamo Bowl, but the Cowboys standout is now deciding to enter the NFL Draft early or stay at OSU for his senior season.

Three of the Oklahoma State Cowboys underclassmen that submitted their names to the NFL for evaluation of their draft status with the league were stars in the Cowboys 38-8 Alamo Bowl win over 10th-ranked Colorado. The Cowboys saw quarterback Mason Rudolph throw for 314 yards and three touchdowns on 22-of-32 passing.

Rudolph was on fire to begin the game. One of his few incompletions was a deep ball drop, a rare deep ball drop, by wide receiver James Washington. But all the All-Big 12 receiver did in response was catch nine passes for 171 yards and a touchdown before he came out with a dislocated pinky finger on his left hand that needed immediate and game-ending decision for Washington. But he was still the Alamo Bowl Offensive MVP.

On the defensive side the MVP was defensive tackle Vincent Taylor, who had seven tackles, with a tackle for loss and a sack. He was in on two fourth-down stops that held Colorado off the board until that late touchdown that came against primarily backup players.

"It’s just an honor. I couldn’t do it alone," Taylor said of winning the award. "My teammates helped me out, from Mote, to Eric to DQ. We just executed the plays. I guess all my plays came from my teammates, so I thank them."

Earlier in the bowl week Rudolph and Washington announced that they are coming back for their senior season, but Taylor has stayed true that he would meet with his dad and come up with an answer later. Taylor's dad has been meeting with the agents.

The question is where would Taylor be drafted and is it in his best interest to go pro early. The media reports and my conversations with a pair of scout off the record is no. 

"I think we'll hear from Vincent this next week and I think he will be announcing that he is coming back," Mike Gundy said of Taylor's status while talking to us in the locker room after the game. 

That's not official but Gundy seems to have a pretty good read on his players. The only suspense is what is the read on Taylor's father, Victor, and what is the split on Vincent and Victor on the decision.

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