Getting acquainted with Okam

Soon we will launch another recruiting diary, this time in the name of Franklin Okam. Before that happens, here is a chance for you to get up close and personal with the Dallas senior in our preview Q&A session ...

Q & A with Okam


When does your season start?  This Friday (August 29th), we play Flower Mound High School.  I think they are going to be all right. 


What positions will you play?  I am going to be playing offensive tackle, defensive tackle and defensive end. 


How do you see your squad performing this season?  I think we have a good chance of at least making it to the play-offs, and battle for a state championship.  Last year, we went to the play-offs, and lost in the first round to Dallas Carter. 


Did you have any preseason scrimmages?  We scrimmaged last Saturday in Carrollton.  I guess you could say we kind of dominated.  I wish I would have made a couple of more plays, but I felt pretty good about my performance. 


Are you glad school has started?  That has probably been the best thing, just to take my mind off of football.  I've enjoyed hanging out with all of my friends, and stuff like that. 


Which schools are you hearing from?  UT, A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Michigan, Stanford, Notre Dame, Florida, Florida State, Alabama, Kansas State, Texas Tech.


Have you decided on any schools to visit?  I haven't decided all of that yet.  I'm still in the process of doing that.  I have to get that done before the middle of football season.  I don't know which games I am going to catch because of our football schedule. 


Have there been any coaches that have had a particular impact on you?  Mostly defensive line coaches are recruiting me.  The defensive line coaches from Texas and Texas A&M are recruiting me. I've received a couple of pieces of letter from the defensive line coach at OU.  The coaches that have had the biggest impact on me so far are the ones from A&M and UT. 


What position will you play in college?  Most coaches are saying they want me at defensive tackle.  A couple are saying defensive end, but mainly just defensive tackle. 


What do you think will be the biggest challenges in college?  The biggest thing they say about going to college is, make sure you stay focused that first semester.  If you can make it through that, then you can pretty much make it through college. 


What could you improve on before playing college football?  I wish my 40-time were a little faster.  I want to get to a 4.8, maybe a 4.7.


What do you think about the recruiting process so far?  So far, yes, it hasn't been that bad.  I've heard some people say that it is a nightmare, but I haven't experienced that, though. 


When do you see yourself making a decision?  I think I'll probably wait until January or February.


Did you have a favorite college football team growing up?  Actually, I really didn't watch college football all that much when I was younger.  I was more of a basketball guy.  I started watching basketball back when I was in elementary school. 


Have you given any thought to playing college basketball?  I don't think I'm tall enough to play in college.  I play post, and the posts in college basketball are like 7'0" or 6'11". 


What about a favorite college basketball team?  I usually like to follow the University of Arkansas, and Texas.  I'm originally from Arkansas.  I did all of my schooling in Texas, but, before that, I lived in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.


What about a favorite pro team?  Dallas Mavericks. 


What did you think about the Maverick's trade for Jamison?  I kind of like Nick (Van Exel), so, I wish he had stayed. 


What do you plan to study when you are in college?  I just want to make sure that they have my major.  If I decide to change my major, hopefully they will still have the one that I changed my mind to.  Great tradition, the opportunity to play early, and the number of people they have at my position.  I was thinking of trying to do something along the lines of being an orthopedic surgeon, or sports medicine. 


Where is Lake Highlands ranked right now?  They just ranked the Top 25 in our area, and we didn't make it.  They think that all of our good players graduated last year, so they think we are going to be really down.  We have something to prove, I think.  DeSoto is picked to be the best team in our area.  Longview is probably the best team we will play.  They have an all-district running back returning, their quarterback graduated, but the quarterback they have coming up is probably better than he was.  Every year, they have a great team.  Besides Longview, I think, in our district, Allen will probably be a tough game. They've got one of the top defensive linemen in the state, Chris Smith.  That is going to be a pretty big game for us to go over there and play.


Which of your teammates from last season went on to play college football this year?  Our linebacker, Chris Berry, went to Yale; our receiver, Garrett Iminman, went to Stephen F. Austin, and our quarterback, Stephen Hodge, went to Texas A&M.


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Franklin Okam
Ht: 6-5 Wt: 312 40: 4.91
Position: DT, TE
Projected as: DT
Position Rank: 2
Date of Birth: 10/16/1985
Class: 2004 Senior
High School: Lake Highlands HS
(Dallas, TX)

Possessing great size, strength and quickness, Okam will be one of the top defensive tackle prospects in Texas this season.

Schools of Interest:
School Interest Level Offer? Visit Date
Colorado Med Interest Yes None
Florida Med Interest Yes None
Notre Dame Med Interest No None
Oklahoma Med Interest Yes None
Oklahoma State Med Interest Yes None
Stanford Med Interest Yes None
Texas Med Interest Yes None
Texas A&M Med Interest Yes None


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