Gallimore did take in OSU-Nebraska game

Gallimore's father said they enjoyed their trip to Nebraska and the game, but his son has a very busy itinerary coming up this fall, not to mention his first game as a senior this Friday.

Park Hill South (Missouri) standout offensive tackle Brett Gallimore did travel to Nebraska last weekend for the Oklahoma State-Nebraska game. Gallimore's father filled us in on what is going on with his talented 6-6, 285 pound son.
"We all went up there and had a good time, it was a good football game," said Mr. Gallimore. "Brett was looking at both schools as Nebraska had him up for the weekend, and Oklahoma State offered him a scholarship three months ago. He saw the offensive line coach from Oklahoma State when he was on the sidelines and some of the other players he had met in Stillwater. He was also impressed with Nebraska."
Gallimore was at a study session when we called, but that was okay as his father was able to fill us in on his upcoming busy schedule. Gallimore will open his senior season with Park Hill South in a huge game on Friday against Truman High School. His father said Brett was sick of hitting teammates and very anxious to get going with the season.
Gallimore has a lot of trips planned in the next couple of months. He goes to Ohio State this weekend for the Buckeyes game with San Diego State. Then he is going with family to Michigan for the Wolverines game with Notre Dame on Sept. 13. That is just a pleasure trip according to his father. He will also be at Iowa on Oct. 4, for their game with Michigan in Iowa City. He has a trip planned to Purdue and will also be in Talahassee, Fla., the last weekend in October for the Seminoles game with N.C. State.
"I think after that trip to Florida he will be close to making a decision. I'm pretty sure he will have seen what he needs to see by then," said his father of Brett's decision. "The coaches could just start calling yesterday and the phone rang from early in the morning until late last night."
Gallimore has really not given a leader, but he has always mentioned Oklahoma State prominently since the Cowboys offered him a scholarship. It should be very interesting to watch as the big tackle goes through the process over the next couple of months.

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