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Spencer Proud Of Alamo Bowl Effort

Glenn Spencer says the Cowboys defense should be proud of what it accomplished in OSU's victory over Colorado in the Alamo Bowl, and he's disappointed that the media didn't notice.

Glenn Spencer checked in for a few minutes on Sports Talk with Robert Allen and Friends and Triple Play Sports Radio on Wednesday. Like Mike Yurcich, Spencer had been on the road recruiting, covering ground from Texas to Georgia and some in between.

He hasn't watched the video of the Alamo Bowl and the Cowboys defense holding Colorado to 318 yards of total offense, almost a shutout, and three sacks in the game that was a 38-8 win for the Cowboys over the 10th-ranked Buffaloes.

"I haven't had time to go back and look at it and break it down like I always do," Spencer said of the Alamo Bowl. "I will probably do that next week in between watching tape of these 2018 kids that we're finding and talking to this week. I'll mix it up and watch some of these guys and watch the game."

It didn't take much to get Spencer's mind whirling and thinking back to Dec. 29 and the effort his defense gave.

"That was a great night and our kids played hard and made some big plays," Spencer started in getting down to replaying the game in his mind. "It was one of those nights and a couple of plays here and there and they might have got on us, but they didn't," Spencer said humbly.

"You are what you are and our kids played well and executed. We played really well when the ball crossed our 50 and they had the one big play on the screen on the third-and-long and we had a couple of guys that could have pulled the trigger. Then we answered back with the interception that Ashton [Lampkin] had and that could have changed some momentum. You've got me rambling on but that's your fault, you got me thinking about it."

Spencer had Chris Deal of and the Cowboys football graphics team of Joe Johnson and Forrest Buckner design a newspaper with the headline that the Big 12 lead all Power Five conferences in defensive play in the bowl games and that Oklahoma State had one of the top defensive efforts in the bowl season.

"The sad part is that I'm the one that has to generate that," Spencer said. "There is no national discussion on that and I'm always wanting to take up for my kids. We played against some of the best big-play and most explosive offenses in the country and nobody else will try to get those facts out. The agenda is out and people are going to listen or put out whatever supports their agenda."

Spencer and many of us found it humorous when some of the same critics and college football reporters that often criticize the Big 12 for being all offense and no defense were lauding the Clemson plan of using tempo and a spread attack to run enough plays to wear the famed and feared Alabama defense down to where it couldn't stop Clemson at the end of the game.

"All of a sudden the national contenders (championship game) have a game like that and it's revolutionary," Spencer said seriously. "They are blaming offenses for keeping a defense on the field so long and I'm thinking, 'hey buddy, try doing that for 12 weeks out of the year.'"

Spencer again defended his effort to get some word out about the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the Big 12 playing defense. He has to because like he said ESPN and others aren't going to do it.

"When we put out something like that, Robert, that's for recruiting," Spencer said. "That is for those recruits we're getting hammered with, these national kids that are maybe getting recruited by a couple of other conferences out there. You have to show them this is why we do what we do and this what we have to do to win, so it's not always what that person that is recruiting against you is saying. We need to get some more good players in this league."

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