Forte Could Set Three-Point Record Saturday

Phil Forte could set the Oklahoma State record for most three-pointers made in a career when the Cowboys face Arkansas in the Big 12/SEC Challenge on Saturday at Gallagher-Iba Arena.

It has to be a rarity in sports, how often do you see a record set, a career record that is really skill-oriented? In this case, a career three-point shooting record.

Almost immediately after one player comes along and breaks the record then another player comes in and chases down the record and breaks it. Usually records like that stand for some time. At Oklahoma State, current Cowboys assistant director of player development Keiton Page was an outstanding three-point shooter as a Cowboys player.

Page, who played for his father David in high school at Pawnee, came to Oklahoma State owning the national high school record for three-point shooting percentage in a career at 49.9 percent. He certainly didn't disappoint as a Cowboy, but after he completed his career (from 2008 to 2012) along came Phil Forte, another prolific three-point shooter who took aim at Page's Oklahoma State record.

"I've been very fortunate and blessed in so many ways," said Forte, who has made 296 of 757 three-pointers during his Cowboys playing career. "To have the type of coaches and teammates that I've had here. I have had the best teammates in the country and they've made my job easy."

"Phil is ultra-deserving of that (record)," Page said. "I've played with several gym rats and they were all good but I've never seen someone spend more time in the gym than Phil Forte. He's earned every one of those he's made."

The chances are great that either in Saturday's home game against Arkansas or Monday night on the road at Oklahoma that Forte will pass Page to become the school's all-time three-point shooter.

Page unbelievably stopped at 299 made three pointers as he passed Randy Rutherford, who made 279 between 1992-95. Page hit 299-of-812 three-pointers for 36.8 percent.

Forte needs three more beyond the arch to tie Page and his fourth three-pointer will set the new record at 300. Forte has at least another 10 games after the Bedlam game on Monday to distance the record. 

"Right now it is a lot more important for us to go out and get a win Saturday. The record is something that has just happened," Forte said. "It's a lot more important for us to win Saturday. I'm trying not to talk about it and I don't want my teammates to worry about it. It's the last thing my coaches and teammates need to think about. We have a good Arkansas team coming in here, an NCAA Tournament-type team and it is important for us to keep this (win streak) going."

An interesting aspect of this is that Forte gives Page a lot of credit for helping him to chose Oklahoma State and then for helping him to be successful once he was in Stillwater. 

"KP has been great and I know he really helped me when I came in here as a freshman," Forte said. "So many things that I struggled with and he's helped me my entire five years. I watched him play and he's a big reason why I came here to Oklahoma State. Seeing the success he had here and just trying to follow behind him as he's gone down as one of the best players to ever play here. He's been great and someone that has helped me out."

Page has seen every three-point shot involved. Obviously, he saw all of his but being on staff the entire time Forte has played unless he was looking away at a pretty girl in the stands or over at a cheerleader or pom then he saw all of Forte's made treys.

"It's been fun, like you say to watch all of them, and I've been here for every one," Page admitted. "It's been fun getting to watch him and see him because he's in the gym before we practice and he stays after we're done getting up extra shots. He's been fun to watch."

Over 600 three-pointers made between two shooters that actually went about it the same way. It is a rarity you just don't come across every day. 

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