Captain, my captain

Monday, Greg Richmond said that 'everyone has their bad days,' so he wasn't too concerned with OSU's lack of offensive production at Lincoln. He praised his defensive disciples and is awaiting Saturday's matchup with Wyoming for both aspects of the team to shine...

Captain's Notebook



Senior defensive end and defensive captain Greg Richmond


It's tough to play in Nebraska, especially in the season opener. Yet, Oklahoma State had a chance, but couldn't capitalize, losing 17-7...


"It was a missed opportunity for us. We went off into a hostile environment playing against one of the best teams in the Big 12. It's just something that we let slip away from us. We have a great coaching staff. We have great leaders on our team. We just need to focus on the things that we did wrong in the Nebraska game and just build on them so that we don't make the same mistakes against Wyoming."


The defense, however, was able to stunt Nebraska's scoring. While giving up more than 250 rushing yards and getting a slow start on the first drive, the defense kept Nebraska out of the end zone with the exception of a 2-yard touchdown run on a short drive.


"It was something that we just had to calm down and relax. When we got the chance to make a play and in position to make one, we just have to make it. Jammal Lord, he's a great athlete. He's the type of guy you can't get a big kill shot. You've just have to break down and be a fundamental tackler, and just let your whole team gather ‘round and bring him down.When we have the opportunity to make plays, we've gotta make ‘em. As a defense we have to get off the field. We have to make plays so that we can get off the field."


"I feel good about it, but there's a whole lot of things that we could have done better as far as playing our techniques and just getting off the blocks and makin plays."


Several young players on the defensive line got to showcase their talent in the game, and like the rest of the defense, they did well.


"It was wonderful. It was something that I had been talking about all summer, that we have some good guys that can play up front and that can get the job done."


After the loss, the psyche of the team took a huge blow, especially for the young players. But the team leaders are trying to help it heal quickly. Richmond told his teammates:


"Just simply keep your heads up. We're still a good football team. One game is not going to determine our season and where we're going to be at the end of the year so we've just gotta keep the focus on our future."


Next on the agenda for the Cowboys is the Wyoming Cowboys. OSU feels confident about their chances and is keeping a positive attitude.


"The same mindset that we had going in to play against Nebraska. We've gotta come out tomorrow in practice, our first day of practice, and be well-focused and listen to what the coaches tell us to do, and just run around and have fun."


"We just gotta take care of our side of the ball. We've got a great offense; we know they're going to come around. Everybody has their bad days sometimes, but we still have great confidence in our offense, we know they're gonna get the job done."


"We'll probably start this afternoon, watching just a little film, see what they do, things we need to expect from them. It's gonna be a great one. It's Orange Peel weekend. We're probably gonna have a lot of fans out there."


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