Davon Dillard Talks Dunk

Oklahoma State sophomore Davon Dillard impressed his coach and teammates with his big-time dunk against West Virginia.

It was the play of the game against West Virginia, or at least the one you most remember. Oklahoma State's Davon Dillard took the ball out on the wing by the 3-point line and then took off a few steps later and by the time he came down and had thrown the basketball inside the rim, the Mountaineer crowd was hushed.

It was a big-time slam dunk that Oklahoma State head coach Brad Underwood paid homage to Monday when meeting with the media. It was a momentum play in the Cowboys 82-75 win on the road over seventh-ranked West Virginia.

Dillard acted cool and said he wasn't all that impressed and though he had better dunks, he admitted that this one blew his phone up and caught Twitter attention.

The play that was even more impressive to Underwood and if you listen to Dillard was when he took the charge after turning the ball over on the other end of the floor in the second half.

"It was the first charge that I've ever taken," Dillard said.

"First, here?" inquired a media member. "No, the first charge I have ever taken in my career," Dillard answered.

Dillard covered up but he said that did him no good.

Listen to the whole conversation, it's good as Oklahoma State has a new very athletic contributor that is going to continue to be a lot of fun to watch.

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