Pat Kinnison

All Quiet In The West End Zone

Mike Gundy is pleased that Josh Henson is returning to take over the offensive line, and the Cowboys head coach hopes to have a running backs coach hired soon.

There were no balloons or a party going on and new offensive line coach Josh Henson was nowhere to be found. In fact, head coach Mike Gundy was the only coach that could be found in the Cowboys football headquarters in the West End Zone early Friday afternoon.

I had another reason to look up the head coach, but I found him very comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt and he was moments from heading downstairs to an also quiet Oklahoma State weight room to get in a workout. The coaches offices were primarily empty because after the players run stadium steps on Friday mornings and then lift, the staff has the rest of Friday off between now and the start of spring football. 

In the past, Gundy has been somewhat stressed out, or at least seemed to be, when needing to hire multiple staff positions, but not this time. Gundy was very happy with getting Henson back.

"He knows our offense, knows all of our plays, so this is a quick fix," Gundy said.

He also knows that Henson knows how to recruit good players to this program. Some fans might not remember but when Henson was coaching tight ends at Oklahoma State for then head coach Les Miles and offensive coordinator Mike Gundy, he was also recruiting coordinator.

Those tight ends back then included Billy Bajema and Charlie Johnson, two future long-time NFL players. Hey, two former NFL players each with a Super Bowl ring. There's a recruiting line that Henson can drop on a prospective offensive lineman. Henson could start in his hometown of Tuttle. I really think a lot of Hunter Anthony as an OL prospect and he's right there in Tuttle.

Gundy is also not stressed out about losing running backs coach Marcus Arroyo, Gundy actually seemed very happy for Arroyo. The move to Oregon gets him closer to home, gets him back coaching quarterbacks, which is Arroyo's first love and the position he played. It also gets him closer to play calling because while Ducks head coach Willie Taggert will call the plays, Arroyo, who called plays in the NFL for a season at Tampa Bay, will likely be the second in charge of that task. In other words, he'll have a lot of say.

Gundy likes to see good things happen for his coaching staff and the look on his face told me he has some good ideas on where he is going next for the running back coach. Gundy's been contacted, like I have, from the group of former players that would love to see Jamaal Fobbs, now the running backs coach at Tulane, get an interview. We'll see.

The good thing is like the offensive line coach, which was settled on Friday with the hiring of Henson, I will predict by the next Friday you'll have the second staff vacancy questions solved. The head coach has a pretty good road map in finding new coaches and his map reading skills are pretty sharp.

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