Gundy Helps Promote NWCA National Dual

Mike Gundy is a proud supporter of Oklahoma State wrestling and he shows it in this video promoting this weekend's NWCA National Dual showdown between the No. 1-ranked Cowboys and No. 2 Penn State.

Last Sunday when the Oklahoma State Cowboys wrestlers absolutely crushed Oklahoma in Bedlam 37-3, over on the scorer's table side of Gallagher-Iba Arena and near the Oklahoma State wrestlers team area was Cowboys basketball head coach Brad Underwood along with his wife and daughter. If you watched them during the match you could tell that they were having a great time.

Across the mat and arena floor on the other side you would find Cowboys football head coach Mike Gundy, his dad  Ray, good friend Terry Hoss and others cheering on the OSU wrestlers. 

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"This is the best time for athletics in all the time that I've been here," Cowboys wrestling coach John Smith said today on radio appearing on Sports Talk with Robert Allen and Friends. "We have great coaches in a lot of sports and really terrific athletes. Those coaches get it and I was really excited to get the support of Coach Underwood and from Coach Gundy."

Smith kind of expects it from Gundy, but he did not expect this video that has gone viral on Twitter and on the internet.

Gundy is seated at his desk in the football office in the West End Zone, acting surprised by the camera and then working himself into a total promotion of the upcoming NWCA National Dual showdown between top-ranked Oklahoma State and second-ranked Penn State, both unbeaten and as Gundy describes, "coached by the two greatest American wrestlers ever."

Gundy had a front row seat of watching two-time Olympic gold medalist John Smith as he even carpooled with Smith and his family or Smith with Mike and his mom and dad, Judy and Ray Gundy, to summer wrestling tournaments as young kids and up through middle school. 

"Most people don't know, Mike was a really good wrestler in middle school and he could have been a really good wrestler if he hadn't been such a good football player," Smith said. "In his house they played three sports, football, baseball, and wrestling. Mike was a state champion in middle school and that was when there was just one middle school state championship. It was downtown Oklahoma City and everybody showed up. Now there are tournaments all over."

The compliments go both ways as just last week Gundy was talking about how proud he is of what Smith's wrestling program has done. 

"John has done it as a coach here for what 26 years? That's hard to believe, he has been here that long and won the entire time," Gundy said in his office. "National championships, Big 12 every year, they just keep winning. I know our football program is just getting to the point where we are building tradition. It takes about eight years to establish that, but with John and wrestling here it has been going on seemingly forever."

As far as back in the day when the Gundys and Smiths were traveling some together, Ray Gundy said John Smith pulling up at a tournament could clear out the gym. 

"We'd drive up to a tournament in Kansas or Colorado and as soon as those parents with kids in his weight class would see John, they'd grab all their stuff and head out down the road to another tournament. That's how good he was."

Now, Smith was really impressed with one other part of that video. 

"Boy, he looks really good in a singlet," Smith said. "What is Mike, 50 or 49 years old. I'm just saying he looks like he could get after it. There's not many of us that could pull that off at this stage, but he looks good in the singlet.

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