Justin Dedich (Brandon Huffman)

Pokes Offer Pair Of California Linemen

Oklahoma State has offered Justin Dedich and Steven Jones, a pair of standout offensive line prospects from Chaparral High School in Temecula, California.

You may have seen the congratulations on Twitter or saw the post on the Go Pokes Premium Board that Oklahoma State offered a pair of offensive line prospects from Chaparral High School in Temecula, California. Justin Dedich is an offensive center and guard prospect and teammate Steven Jones is an offensive tackle at the Division I level.

The two linemen show signs of being strong students of Chaparral co-assistant head coach and offensive line coach Andrew Ramer. Ramer has a reputation of cranking out technique-sound and aggressive linemen in both run and pass situations. Ramer is a former center, guard, and tackle in college at Norfolk State, so he has the rare experience of playing up and down the line. 

Dedich (pictured above) is 6-2, 290 pounds and on tape shows he is very aggressive. If this were wrestling then he would be leading the nation in takedowns and pins, many times he literally puts opposing linemen and linebackers on their backs. He has great hands and despite not having really long arms delivers a very strong punch that in some cases almost stuns the defensive target. If there is any weakness, Dedich attacks high, but he is often able to do that because his defensive target is taller than he is and every high school player tends to play too high. Dedich moves his feet well and again, going back to his hands, he never seems to lose contact or control of defenders once he has attached. He keeps his hands inside and doesn't seem to put himself in a position to be called for holding.

Dedich has offers from UCLA and Washington and those could be his top two, although it is early. He seems excited about Oklahoma State and he also has offers from Arizona State, Colorado, Colorado State, Fresno, Iowa State, Kansas, Nevada, San Diego State, TCU, Utah, Washington State, and UNLV.

Jones is listed at 6-5, 315 pounds and may be a little heavier than that, although he is athletic and moves his feet very well. Like his teammate Dedich, Jones has the great hand placement, locking on just inside the shoulders at breast level and he has some plays that look a lot like Michael Oher in the Blindside. I know that I have used that two days in a row, but it applies. Jones is very aggressive and never seems to tire in games of being physical to the point of just short of the edge. You can see how it discourages defenders.

It is worth pointing out, that Jones is left tackle and most of the time Dedich is left guard and they are often blocking on the move, whether it is pulling out to lead a sweep outside, form a moving pocket for the quarterback, or using "G" or "dart" schemes coming back inside and across. Both blockers are very adept at blocking on the move, Jones is excellent at not trying to take a linemen where he doesn't want to go, but I noticed on several plays he takes the defender the way he wants to go, to the play, but uses his force to drive the defender past the play. That shows me smarts.

Jones has offers from Arizona State, California, Boise, Colorado, Iowa State, Oregon, San Diego State, TCU, UNLV, Utah, Washington, and Washington State in addition to the Cowboys.

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